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Is Your Business Ready for Payment Provider Disruptions?

June 4, 2024

Adding Vault Redundancy in your Payments Stack Ensures Uninterrupted Business Operations and Data Protection.

At VGS, we work across merchants, banks, financial institutions, and fintechs.  Regardless of their type, size, or location, all VGS customers have three common priorities:

  1. Ensuring continuity in business operations
  2. Building and retaining customer trust
  3. Safeguarding sensitive data

The objective of achieving these priorities is straightforward: your business and customer information must be accessible and protected at all times. With vault redundancy, you're not reliant on a single vault and, therefore, protected from the risk of a single point of failure in processing payments.

Besides avoiding the risk of an outage, there are other reasons to build in vault redundancy with a neutral third-party vault:

Building in Flexibility

Building in Flexibility

When you vault your data with one PSP, you give them data ownership. You hold a PSP token rather than have unfettered access to your sensitive data. You are under vendor lock-in, and their limitations in processing different payment methods across geographic locations become yours. When you store data in a neutral third-party vault instead, you can be nimble with your payment infrastructure. With VGS, flexibility is key. You remain the data owner and retain the flexibility to decide how you use it.

High Availability

High Availability

As you grow, you may want to add new payment methods, start selling in-store in addition to online, expand to new regions, or even shop around for new providers who can provide more or different coverage in all these areas. When you make those changes, you will want to ensure business continuity and avoid any impact on customer experience that could damage your brand or increase cart abandonment. Building in vault redundancy to your payment stack will give you the peace of mind to focus solely on adding new providers who can support your growth instead of worrying about unexpected impacts on your business. Resilience is a significant value-add when you have VGS as your primary or secondary vault - you are assured of having fallbacks that prevent interruptions.

High Availability

Disaster Recovery

Protecting your business from vulnerabilities such as internal threats, hardware or software failures, or data corruption with failover plans can be a competitive differentiator. When Silicon Valley Bank collapsed in 2023, a VGS customer could have been left vulnerable. However, since they were vaulting with VGS, they switched to a new processor within a single weekend to replace SVB and ensured their secure payment processing continued seamlessly. Read the Case Study here.

High Availability

Platform Reliability

Payments are mission-critical. Organizations rely on their providers to deliver projects and operations securely and according to plan. As a neutral third-party vault provider, VGS is committed to delivering stable and secure products, applications, and networks at scale. The three tenets of our cloud platform are Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability, and we have designed it with redundancy and high availability in mind.

Our platform is based on our strategic partner Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. Just a few of the ways in which we ensure that customers remain running at all times are:

  • A Multi-AZ (Availability Zone) deployment strategy
  • Physical locations and data replication in both the US and EU
  • Geo-isolation between production and test environments
  • In-region RPO (Recovery Point Objective) that is close to zero
  • RTO (Recovery Time Objective) that's one of the industry's best

VGS differentiates itself from the competition with a resilient Cell-Based Architecture that protects customers from problems stemming from other customers, broader VGS changes, or widespread disruption - all while enabling the deployment of a continuous stream of innovative capabilities.

Read more about our Platform Reliability here.

Implementing redundancy in your payment vault has one overarching purpose - business continuity. A payments stack with a redundant vault increases operational reliability and performance, enhances data security, and ensures business continuity. Continuous operations are crucial, particularly for critical services like payment processing.

At VGS, we have implemented failover processes, disaster recovery procedures, synchronized updates to prevent inconsistencies, and robust monitoring and alert systems to identify and address vulnerabilities.

Implementing Vault Redundancy in your payments stack eliminates reliance on a single vendor - whether for payments orchestration, token vaulting, or something else - to ensure uninterrupted business operations, build customer trust, and safeguard sensitive data.

Let's talk if you want to ensure that you are always open for business.

Senior Director of Product Marketing Khyati Srivastava

Sr Director, Marketing

austin-bio Austin Clark

Manager, Sales


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