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Join our VGS Value Added Partner Program for mutual growth and increased market opportunities.

Our partners build technology and software that bring more businesses online and help them work more effectively. We've designed a program to help accelerate access to our partner's products and reap the benefits.

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The VGS proxies work with any endpoint. You can configure VGS to provide connectivity yourself, or submit a request and we will be more than happy to reach out to help you get set up. We also have a value added directory where our clients receive preferential treatment and value

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Who Partners with VGS?

Gain access to innovative technology and software businesses by growing your network through the VGS Value Added Partner Program.

Over 35% of our fastest-growing clients manage parts of their business with at least one extension, including accounting, shipping, payments, email, analytics, and more.

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Fraud / ID Verification

Safely Verify Identities and Attack Fraud

Financial Data Provider / Credit Reports

Financial Data tool to evaluate credit worthiness

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Connect more quickly with banks and networks


Protect payments data and seamlessly route to any third party


Tools that make compliance a breeze


Get opinions, certifications, and more from top-tier auditors

CFO Services

Intuitive tools to support your finance team