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For All Sensitive Data

VGS Collect

VGS provides multiple methods to securely collect sensitive data, insulating customers from ever having it touch your systems.

VGS Collect
Diagram of credit card information entered in a form
Diagram of the credit card information being aliased

VGS Protect

VGS replaces sensitive data with an aliased version, which can be safely stored and used in the same way as the original data. VGS vaults the original data in its secure environment, thereby offloading liability and removing the risk of a data breach.

  • An inbound route built with a series of filters and operations to collect the sensitive data.
  • VGS vault, a secure storage system that tightly controls access to any sensitive data stored within the VGS platform.
  • VGS intercepts data as it flows to your servers, redacting the sensitive data and replacing it with an alias.

VGS Exchange

Operate on the aliased data as if it is the sensitive data, and on outbound requests, VGS re-inserts the original data in place of aliased data in real-time, and the destination endpoint receives the original data.

  • VGS transforms the aliased data back into original values as it exits your network on its outbound route.
  • Filters and operations protect data as it is transmitted from your application to its destination.
  • Dynamic routing services enable switching between multiple third parties.

Built for Business Development

Accelerate New Partnerships

VGS Exchange helps customers create a secure network that can dynamically route sensitive data to different third parties you work with without it ever touching your application.

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