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Collect, protect and exchange sensitive data from a processor-agnostic, PCI-compliant vault. Descope your liability and insulate your business from risk exposure and compliance overhead by operating on randomized, non-sensitive tokens instead of raw data.

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For All Sensitive Data

VGS Collect

VGS provides multiple methods to collect sensitive data securely, insulating customers from ever having it touch their systems.

VGS provides multiple methods to collect sensitive data securely
Diagram of credit card information entered in a form
Diagram of the credit card information being aliased

VGS Protect

VGS tokenizes sensitive payment data which can be securely stored and operated on like the original. Vaulting the sensitive data in a secure environment and aliased form mitigates the risk. VGS's flexible developer tools support the seamless use of even the most sensitive records.

  • VGS intercepts data before it hits your servers.
  • Highly configurable routes built with a series of filters and operations collect the sensitive data, which is securely stored in this vault.
  • Critical data is redacted, and a token is generated to replace it, in subsequent transactions. Network Tokens and Account Updater can keep it updated for future processing needs.

VGS Exchange

VGS re-inserts the original data instead of the tokenized data in real-time, and the destination endpoint receives the original data.

  • VGS transforms the tokenized data back to its original values on outbound requests before it is delivered to your PSP.
  • Filters and operations protect data as it is transmitted from your application to its destination.
  • Implement your payment strategy to orchestrate transactions among your chosen processors.
VGS Exchange

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VGS helps customers create a secure network that they can use to easily route sensitive payment data to third parties without it ever touching your systems.

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