Simplify a Complex Payment Ecosystem

Elevate the Gig Marketplace Payment Infrastructure With a Universal VGS Vault

Secure data and streamline transactions for your business, gig workers, and customers

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For Your Business

For Your Business

Enable Complex Payment Systems

  • Accommodate the end-to-end infrastructure of receiving customer payments, sending worker payouts, and facilitating loaded funds

Manage Complicated Card Controls

  • Issue cards with the correct permissions that can be used online, on mobile, and offline so that neither do workers need to make out-of-pocket payments nor have additional access to company funds

Payment Orchestration

  • Increase authorization rates and manage fees with a payment strategy that supports processor optionality and redundancy across geographies

Co-branded Card Issuance

  • Save on interchange costs and processing fees by participating in the payment flow with a co-branded card and promoting its use to deepen customer loyalty

For Your Workers and Customers

Secure PII/KYC and PCI Information

  • Protect sensitive data while verifying the identity of your gig workers during onboarding, as well as protecting your customer information

Seamless Payments

  • Ensure up-to-date credentials for repeat users to avoid any friction in the payment experience that could impact revenue

Streamlined Experience

  • Integrate card info into mobile wallets or use picture capture for card purchases instead of requiring manual entry of payment credentials

More Payment Methods

  • Integrate mobile wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay and offer more ways to pay, such as Pay by Bank
Secure PII/KYC and PCI Information

How Can VGS Help?

Access Data without Taking on PCI Compliance

Vault PCI, PII, KYC, and other sensitive data in the VGS Vault to descope your systems from PCI compliance while retaining complete control over your data.

Get more options in payment operations, including:

  • Retrying transactions across more PSPs for higher success rates
  • Replacing PANs with Network Tokens for lower fraud and interchange costs
  • Refreshing card info with Account Updater for more completed transactions
Increase Data Utility

Increase Data Utility

Have one location for all your data across payment methods, locations, and functions.

Use the data to partner with fraud monitoring and analytics vendors and better understand your users for future marketing.

Strategically Orchestrate Payments for More Success, Globally

Add a universal Vault to your payments stack to orchestrate payments across multiple processors to increase authorization rates and reduce failed payments.

Boost successful transactions on mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay by accessing the payment data to enable processing retries for higher completion rates.

Use VGS Global Backup to set up global processing redundancy with a primary Vault, and backup in another region.

Strategically Orchestrate Payments for More Success, Globally
Streamline PCI Compliance on Issued Cards

Streamline PCI Compliance on Issued Cards

Instead of building and maintaining your PCI-compliant environment and making significant changes to your network architecture when you issue cards, accelerate compliance by adding the VGS Vault to your payments stack.

Benefit from continuing to own your PII and PCI data by enabling complex card controls and creating custom initiatives for user acquisition and retention.

Add New Payment Methods and Experiences

Streamline the payment experience when you use your customers' stored PII and PCI data to auto-add cards to an account - with their permission - using card images or mobile wallet integrations.

Open up new possibilities like offering “Pay by Bank” when you tokenize and store bank account numbers in your VGS Vault.

Add New Payment Methods and Experiences