About Very Good Security

Very Good Security is on a mission to protect the world’s sensitive data, enabling innovation while ensuring security and privacy.

Very Good Security Named in the 2022 Gartner® Cool Vendors™ in Data Security

A New Paradigm for Data Security

VGS eliminates the need for customers to hold sensitive data by decoupling and insulating customer systems and applications from sensitive data. Data collected via VGS is segmented, aliased, and stored in secure vaults until needed. For customers, this removes much of their data liability while drastically reducing their risk exposure and compliance responsibility. Additionally, with VGS, customers can manage how third parties interact with sensitive customer data without worrying about data breaches. This makes compliances like PCI fast and easy. VGS simplifies what was once an almost insurmountable problem: how to enable data security while accelerating business growth.

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Data Security
Protecting Privacy

Protecting Privacy, Supporting Innovation

VGS is committed to helping consumers keep their sensitive information out of the wrong hands. By providing easy-to-implement data security options for emerging technology companies, VGS is fostering growth in a variety of industry sectors. With VGS assuming the liability and fast-tracking compliance, companies are able to close more key deals in a shorter timeframe. VGS is at the forefront of security innovation, protecting data in all formats including PDFs, images, emails, and voice calls.

Leadership Team

Chuck Yu from VGS

Chuck Yu


As CEO of Very Good Security, Chuck Yu brings extensive financial services experience. With executive leadership roles at VISA, Point Digital Finance, and TrialPay, including leading VISA's Global Fintech team, Chuck drives growth, fosters innovation, and steers diverse teams in finance and technology. Previously TrialPay's Chief Revenue Officer, he played a crucial role in its acquisition by Visa. Chuck holds a BA from UC Berkeley and a Juris Doctor from UCSF Law, leveraging his legal expertise and business acumen to drive VGS' mission of secure payment solutions.

Marshall Jones from VGS

Marshall Jones

CTO & Co-Founder

Marshall Jones, CTO and Co-Founder of Very Good Security, is an experienced engineer and entrepreneur in fintech and security. Leading the company's technological vision and strategy, he delivers secure, compliant, and scalable payment security solutions globally. Previously, as VP of Engineering at Balanced Payments (acquired by Stripe), Marshall built innovative products and streamlined processes, propelling the company's success in fintech. With a decade of dedication, he creates successful engineering processes, scalable infrastructure, and effective teams, driving VGS' growth and innovation.

Ashwani Wason from VGS

Ashwani Wason

SVP of Engineering

With over 20 years of experience leading technology teams, Ashwani is the Executive SVP at VGS, overseeing engineering, security, and infrastructure. Previously, at OpenGov, he held executive roles, building ERP SaaS for governments and expanding the engineering team globally. Prior to that, at Citrix and ByteMobile (acquired by Citrix), Ashwani led high-performance engineering teams. Specializing in computer networking and protocols, he has contributed to modern operating systems' kernel networking subsystems. Ashwani holds multiple patents and has a Bachelors in Electronics & Communications from the University of Delhi and a Masters in Computer Engineering from the University of California.

Our Investors

VGS has earned strategic investments from an elite group of investors, including industry giants like Visa Inc. and Goldman Sachs, and notable venture capital firms like Andreessen Horowitz and Vertex Ventures US.

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How we started

Why We Started VGS

As both customers and auditors began referring us to more and more companies, we began looking for ways to scale the business while also improving their security method. Was there a way to secure the data, take it out of scope of liability, and still allow it to be used and exchanged? There was. Their solution became Very Good Security, a new type of data security company with a revolutionary way for companies to secure data.