About Very Good Security

Very Good Security is on a mission to protect the world’s sensitive data, enabling innovation while ensuring security and privacy.

Very Good Security Named in the 2022 Gartner® Cool Vendors™ in Data Security

Very Good Security (VGS) Honored by Goldman Sachs for Entrepreneurship Mahmoud Abdelkader, Co-Founder and CEO of VGS Among 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs at 2021 Builders + Innovators

A New Paradigm for Data Security

VGS eliminates the need for customers to hold sensitive data by decoupling and insulating customer systems and applications from sensitive data. Data collected via VGS is segmented, aliased, and stored in secure vaults until needed. For customers, this removes much of their data liability while drastically reducing their risk exposure and compliance responsibility. Additionally, with VGS, customers can manage how third parties interact with sensitive customer data without worrying about data breaches. This makes compliances like PCI fast and easy. VGS simplifies what was once an almost insurmountable problem: how to enable data security while accelerating business growth.

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Data Security
Protecting Privacy

Protecting Privacy, Supporting Innovation

VGS is committed to helping consumers keep their sensitive information out of the wrong hands. By providing easy-to-implement data security options for emerging technology companies, VGS is fostering growth in a variety of industry sectors. With VGS assuming the liability and fast-tracking compliance, companies are able to close more key deals in a shorter timeframe. VGS is at the forefront of security innovation, protecting data in all formats including PDFs, images, emails, and voice calls.

See what payment and security influencers say about VGS:

We help customers innovate by making it easier and safer to operate on and share sensitive data.

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"We're big fans - our experiments last summer involved getting set up to hold Social Security numbers and other Personally Identifiable Information. It made a world of difference to know that those things would be taken care of by VGS."

Ben Jun

HVF Labs

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“Shoutout to you and your team for being the best one we've interacted with (and we've interacted with dozens). You guys are impressive as hell.”

Roger Morris

CEO of Zoro


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Meet Our Founders

In 2015, Mahmoud Abdelkader and Marshall Jones were approached by a number of fintech companies keen to find a way to secure sensitive data rapidly so they could fast-track PCI compliance audits and get to market quickly. Abdelkader and Jones met these aggressive deadlines and the results impressed not only the clients, but also their PCI auditors.

Mahmoud Abdelkader

CEO / Co-founder

A serial entrepreneur and a highly skilled engineer, Mahmoud is the heart and soul of VGS. Previously, CTO and co-founder at Balanced, designed automated product matching systems at Milo.com (acquired by eBay), and was building high-frequency trading systems for Wachovia Securities, a part of Wells Fargo. With a Wall Street experience and natural business instincts, Mahmoud has started Very Good Security with a determination to disrupt fintech and security industries.

Marshall Jones

CTO / Co-founder

Marshall Jones is a co-founder and CTO of Very Good Security. He is a seasoned engineer who has built countless products in the fintech industry. Formerly VP of Engineering at Balanced, a payment system for marketplaces, Marshall knows all the ins and outs of setting up engineering processes from the ground up, building a scalable product infrastructure, and growing effective engineering teams.

How we started

Why We Started VGS

As both customers and auditors began referring Abdelkader and Jones’ team to more and more companies, Abdelkader and Jones began looking for ways to scale the business while also improving their security method. Was there a way to secure the data, take it out of scope of liability, and still allow it to be used and exchanged? There was. Their solution became Very Good Security, a new type of data security company with a revolutionary way for companies to secure data.