Increase authorization rates and reduce your costs with VGS Network Tokens

Using one Network Token across multiple processors boosts conversion and savings while reducing fraud

Network Tokens substitute card numbers with tokens. These work across processors so you only pay once, are automatically updated when a card expires or changes, and are specific to a single merchant.

VGS Network Tokens also work with processors that typically don't accept these.

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Pay Once, and Use Across Processors

Pay Once, and Use Across Processors

VGS tokens work with multiple processors, so you don't need to purchase Network Tokens individually from each processor. Processor-neutral tokens also give you the flexibility to switch as your needs change.

1-3% Higher Authorization Rates

1-3% Higher Authorization Rates*

Fewer charges are declined since using Network Tokens keeps payment credentials current. Tokens are automatically updated to remain current even when the underlying card number changes.

10 bps Lower Processing Fees

10 bps Lower Processing Fees*

You typically receive pricing incentives with lower interchange rates from networks to adopt and use Network Tokens rather than take the riskier route of processing payments with a card number.

30%+ Reduced Fraud

30%+ Reduced Fraud*

Issued Network Tokens are specific to your business, as compared to card numbers that can be used anywhere, and carry the risk of being stolen by fraudsters.

Try our Network Token ROI calculator to see the full savings potential your business can achieve.

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VGS Network Tokens

VGS is one of the only tokenization platforms in the world to build a direct integration with Visa and Mastercard to provide Network Tokens, which keeps it competitive on both pricing and accuracy.

VGS Network Token Flow Diagram

VGS Network Tokens offer processor flexibility, stronger security and lower costs

You can enable Network Tokens quickly and cheaply by enrolling your cards with VGS.

Better User Experience

Better User Experience

Your buyers have a seamless and secure checkout due to fewer declines and chargebacks when you switch to Network Tokens from card numbers.

PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance

You continue to use secure tokenized information through Network Tokens. The original card numbers do not touch your systems.

Ease of Integration

Ease of Integration

You can save months of engineering and implementation work by using the VGS direct integrations with the card networks.

Want to Maximize Card Coverage?

Not all cards will be Network Token provisioned. Add Account Updater to ensure no gaps in card coverage.

Account Updater
VGS Account Updater