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Looking for tokenization? VGS offers tokenization, for free

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions we get.

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Tokenization is the process of replacing sensitive data with a unique identifier that takes the place of the original value. To use a token, you typically need to change your application or infrastructure to integrate an API, which does not remove your environment from compliance scope.

The VGS Basic, Startup, Standard, and Custom tiers use aliases with proxies that do not require any code changes, provide end-to-end compliance solutions, and are far more powerful and secure than tokens.

Unlike all other companies, VGS provides Tokenization API for free.

VGS offers Basic, Startup, Standard, and Custom plans. The Basic Plan is recurring, and if you want to upgrade, you need to reach out to our customer support. Startup, Standard, and Custom plans are annual commitments.

Absolutely! The VGS Basic provides customers the ability to explore and try out VGS services free of charge to specified limits (1500 interactions/month). If your organization exceeds the free tier limits, you simply pay standard service rates.

An interaction is a valuable action on a piece of sensitive data. A good example is redacting a credit card data.

During organization activation flow, you are asked to submit payment card details. Once you use your free tier limit, you will be charged automatically for stored records and operations, including add-ons (like TLS certificates) at the end of each billing period. So, if you are using a monthly Basic Plan, your card will be charged in arrears at the beginning of each month for the month’s usage.

For customers choosing the Basic Plan, we have an automated process that attempts to bill your card several times over a period of 60 days before we suspend your organization for non-payment.

“Our clients have greatly enhanced their security and compliance programs from using VGS Control while gaining significant efficiencies. Control has dramatically changed the traditional approach to compliance.”

“VGS is smooth, easy-to-integrate, and saves us both the time and the cost of having to bring in 2 engineers for 6 months just for security - resources we have redirected toward application development.”