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IT Arena 2022 gallery image

Live from Lviv: IT Arena 2022

Kenneth Geers, PhD October 28, 2022

Whats new in pci 4.0 blog featured

What's New in PCI DSS 4.0?

Kenneth Geers, PhD October 19, 2022

What is Tokenization – and How Does It Influence PCI DSS Compliance?

The Hidden Costs of Payment Service Provider (PSP) Lock-in

Kenneth Geers, PhD September 22, 2022

Momentum in Congress

Momentum in Congress on Data Privacy

Kenneth Geers, PhD September 16, 2022

Vault Level Access Control

Get Fine-grained Permissions with Vault Level Access Control

Ulyana Falach September 6, 2022

VGS <> Plaid OFDSS

Very Good Security Announces Support of Open Finance Data Security Standard (OFDSS)

Stefan Slattery August 24, 2022


New VGS Plugin for Netlify!

Amanda Carroccio August 24, 2022

Network Tokenization for Beginners

Network Tokenization for Beginners

Kenneth Geers, PhD June 2, 2022

Computer Network Operations in the Russia-Ukraine War

Computer Network Operations during the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Kenneth Geers, PhD May 12, 2022

Payment Orchestration: Increasing Acceptance Rates

Payment Orchestration: Increasing Acceptance Rates

Philip Andrew Sjogren May 10, 2022

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