VGS Vault as a solution for Merchant Payment Enablers

Whether you are an ISO, Payments Facilitator, Acquirer Processor, or Payment Gateway, the VGS Vault is a white-label solution to strengthen your merchant offering.

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Your White-Label Solution

Your White-Label Solution

A technologically superior payments stack needs the best-of-breed across all its components.

Enhance your solution by adding a VGS Vault and offering VGS Collect and VGS Proxy to your merchants.

VGS Vault

VGS Vault is a payment acceptance and issuing enablement platform that protects sensitive information and offsets PCI compliance liability for merchants, merchant payment enablers, fintechs, and financial institutions.

VGS intercepts the sensitive data before it hits merchant servers and replaces it with aliased versions while securing the original data in their VGS Vault.

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VGS Collect

VGS Collect enables merchants to obtain and operate on sensitive information without becoming liable.

It is a secure way to collect sensitive payment data from end users without touching merchant systems. Merchants can protect and secure their data in a tokenized form in their VGS Vault while controlling the user interface and input fields.

VGS Collect forms adhere to PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA requirements to achieve customer compliance.


VGS Proxy

VGS Proxies provide a connectivity layer between a merchant's applications, servers, and third-party providers.

Proxies allow for tokenization, storage, and transformation of data in API payloads both before reaching merchant servers and after leaving them. This prevents the merchant environment from handling sensitive data and reduces PCI exposure.

Proxies maximize flexibility by supporting multiple protocols (HTTP, FTP, IVR, Email and TCP).

Customer Benefits

Showcase your innovation as a merchant enabler while facilitating business growth, building trust, and maximizing data security:

Enable your merchants to use the VGS Vault, VGS Collect, and VGS Proxy.

Faster Time to Market Across Card Networks and Payment Methods


  • Data Centralization - Merchants can grow more efficiently when they utilize a provider-agnostic third-party vault to centralize their data and have the flexibility of sending it to any PSP or processor without needing individual integrations
  • Faster Time to Market Across Card Networks and Payment Methods - Merchants can add on Value-Added Services to their VGS Vault such as VGS Network Tokens, Real-Time Account Updater, and Card Attributes to launch and grow sooner with a single provider
  • Minimize Technical Lift - Merchants eliminate the need for significant engineering resources to become PCI-compliant and embed new payment technologies sooner.


  • Built for Scale - With a single universal vault, merchants can efficiently handle large data volumes and streamline transaction processing and routing.
  • Flexibility - VGS Network Tokens and Real-Time Account Updater are directly integrated with the Visa and Mastercard networks to optimize costs, minimize latency, and maximize revenue-generating features.
    • Our Network Tokens can manage all use cases (COF, MIT/CIT, Subscriptions) and come with individual sub-TRIDs to better track and manage their use.
    • Our Real-Time Account Updater utilizes direct network API-based integration instead of outdated file-based methods to get faster updates.
  • Network-Agnostic - Even if merchants could contract with each network, the process would be long and arduous. Instead, enable them to use a universal solution across networks.
  • One Solution Across Data Types - Merchants can consolidate with a single provider to replace a fragmented solution set for data types across PCI, PII, Bank Accounts, Pay by Bank, Mobile Wallets, and more.
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Enhanced security with VGS Vault


  • Enhanced Security - VGS Vault is PCI and SOC 2 compliant. It encrypts and tokenizes sensitive payment data to mitigate the risk of fraud and data breaches.
  • Continuous Compliance - Adherence to PCI DSS is time-consuming and expensive. Ease your merchants' burden by removing sensitive data from their systems.
  • Customer Trust - When sensitive information is secured using randomized tokens, merchants feel more confident about choosing your services.

Merchant Payment Enablers

As a merchant enabler in payments, you provide the tools, infrastructure, and support necessary for your customers to accept and process payments. By simplifying payment complexities, you enable your merchants to focus on their core operations.

Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs)
Payment Facilitators (PayFacs)
Acquirer Processors
Payment Gateways

Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs)

Act as intermediaries between merchants and acquiring banks by providing support and services.

How a VGS Vault Helps:

  • Efficient Data Management: Provides secure, centralized storage of your merchants' sensitive data to increase operational efficiency
  • Security and Compliance: Protect sensitive transaction data to reduce merchants' fraud risk while enabling you and your merchant clients to be PCI-compliant.
  • Add on Value-Added Services: Network Tokens, Account Updater, Card Attributes with PAN Lookup

Payment Facilitators (PayFacs)

Enable businesses to process payments under a master merchant account.

How a VGS Vault Helps:

  • Data Centralization: Manage all sensitive payment data in one location to streamline your operations and facilitate faster onboarding for your merchants.
  • Reduced Risk: Mitigate fraud risk by securely storing and managing sensitive data in tokenized form with a PCI-compliant provider.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Simplify your compliance efforts by ensuring all data handling complies with PCI DSS standards.
  • Add on Value-Added Services: Network Tokens, Account Updater, Card Attributes with PAN Lookup

Acquirer Processors

Process card payments on behalf of merchants to manage relationships with card networks as well as transfer funds from customers to merchants.

How a VGS Vault Helps:

  • Single Platform: Consolidate all your merchants' payment information in one place and use the VGS Vault as your platform to integrate with and send data across PSPs.
  • Efficient Processing: To build merchant confidence, speed up transaction verification and processing by using tokens instead of raw data and reduce the likelihood of data breaches.
  • Security and Compliance: Meet PCI DSS requirements to simplify your regulatory responsibilities and ease the compliance burden while protecting your merchants' payment information with encryption and tokenization.
  • Add on Value-Added Services: Network Tokens, Account Updater, Card Attributes with PAN Lookup

Payment Gateways

Securely capture, encrypt, and transmit transaction data between merchants and acquiring banks.

How a VGS Vault Helps:

  • Flexibility: Manage data centrally in one vault irrespective of who you are integrating with or sending data to.
  • Streamlined Integration: Offers APIs and Proxy options for seamless integration and for backup to offer the greatest flexibility and control for you and your merchants.
  • Data Security: Encrypt and tokenize payment information in a PCI-compliant vault, reducing the risk of data breaches during transmission and minimizing fraud risks and chargeback instances.
  • Add on Value-Added Services: Network Tokens, Account Updater, Card Attributes with PAN Lookup


The VGS Vault is the best-in-class option to strengthen your merchant payment solutions. It is PCI-compliant and agnostic across networks, data types, and processors. The Vault is a crucial component in achieving sensitive data security, regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, process optimization, and risk mitigation for merchant payment enablers and their merchants.

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