Enabler Optionality for Money Movement

Get Multi-Direction Enabler Options with a Single VGS Vault

The more complex the business, the greater the reason to have payment infrastructure failovers

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Enabler Optionality for Money Movement

A typical one-way purchase transaction involves the customer, the issuing bank, the merchant, and acquiring bank.

More complex scenarios, such as Earned Wage Access, need both push payments for payouts and pull payments for pay-ins. In all situations, each step of the payment process must work as intended.

Push PaymentsPull Payments
What is the function?Disburse moneyCollect funds
What is the money flow?Enabler to consumer cardholderConsumer cardholder to Enabler
What are the payment instruments?Sent to a bank account, card or digital walletDebited from a bank account or withheld from a paycheck
What is an example?Push-to-Card is when funds are sent from the enabler's acquiring bank or payment service provider to the consumer's issuing bank.

Example: Mastercard Send, Visa Direct. Other Push-to-Card scenarios such as disbursements and P2P transactions
Pull payments are sent from the consumer to the enabler, and move from the consumer's payment instruments back to the enabler's account.

Example: Direct Debit/ACH Payments
How does it work for Earned Wage Access (EWA)?Earned Wage Access Advance - when the consumer gets funds disbursed in advance of their payday from the EWA provider by pushing the money to the Debit card (or linked bank account or digital wallet)Earned Wage Access Repayment - when the EWA provider collects the early wages advance as an ACH debit (or paycheck deduction) on the employee's regular payday
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Why Push-to-Card?

  • Faster access to funds (settle within minutes, often seconds) since it's on the card rails.
  • Improved customer satisfaction from higher liquidity. Bank transfers (ACH) take 3 days.
  • Financial flexibility for untimely expenses.
  • Higher operational efficiency in the payment process.

Why VGS for Push-to-Card and Earned Wage Access (EWA)

Earned Wage Access is a multi-step, complex process with payment enablers at both ends of the process for disbursements and repayments.

Key needs are:

across the Payment Process

User Experience

Payment Type and User Diversity

VGS accomplishes all this by offering Processor Optionality as part of the VGS Vault.

The VGS Advantage

Having multiple pay-in and pay-out enablers is critical

Any EWA provider needs to work with diverse users and cards.

With VGS, an EWA provider can try multiple processors when any part of the payment flow fails. VGS ensures enabler optionality to ensure payment success.

Case Study
Earned Wage Access Customer Case Study

A current Earned Wage Access (EWA) customer was storing over 1M cards with their single processor and wanted to migrate to VGS.

With a dedicated VGS Vault:

  • Achieved control over all their card information across processors by having it in their central VGS vault rather than distributed with individual processors
  • Orchestrated their payments across the primary processor and any additional processors they added to avail of additional enabler options and add redundancy
  • Optimized authorize rates by assigning best-of-breed processors as primary for pay-in and payout
  • Added the safety of failovers on both sides of the transaction by assigning these processors as back-ups to their primary purpose

Ready to Get Started?

  • Sub-optimal push-to-debit payout experiences can result in poor user experiences and impact customer retention.
  • If the payment collection in the pay-in flow fails, companies can lose their funds advance.
  • EWA users need financial flexibility for untimely expenses.
  • Storing payments in a single VGS Vault offers enabler optionality so pay-ins and payouts are reliably successful.
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Bi-direction EWA Transactions

Bi-direction EWA transactions are sometimes even more urgent than routine single-direction merchant transactions.

Customers with these complex needs trust VGS to provide them with the processor optionality needed to keep them running.