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Card Issuing Without hassles

Focus On Growth While We Secure Your Cards

Overcome compliance and security roadblocks by moving sensitive data off your systems and into VGS vaults. We help you handle issuer due diligence requests and integrations.

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Get Instant PCI

Once integrated, you can get PCI level 2 compliance in a few hours or achieve PCI level 1 compliance in a few weeks.

Win New Markets

Integrate with VGS to instantly expand into new market segments and rapidly connect with 3rd parties without changing your architecture.

Reduce Costs

Layer VGS onto existing infrastructure to drastically decrease costs associated with security audits, compliance certifications and changing government standards.

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Card Redaction Services

Redact sensitive values in your data and get alias values which reference the original data. These values cannot be reverse engineered if someone breaches your security or steals your files but, can be securely shared with third parties you whitelist. Mouse over the area below to see an example of how a redacted card might appear.



No Architecture Changes

With our patent-pending platform-agnostic technology, you can layer security into your application with a simple setting change. From there you can configure filters for almost any type of data, including JSON, XML, Images, PDFs and more.


Brand Protection

Prevent sensitive data breaches by moving your card storage into VGS vaults. These vaults are regularly hardened and withstand frequent audits by Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, 3rd party auditors and security scans.

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How VGS Works

When storing sensitive data on your systems, employees can accidentally or maliciously share card info through logs, misconfigured permissions, emails or lost devices. VGS protects your data by replacing your card information with alias values. Mouse over the area below to see how we move you out of PCI Scope.



Select Card Data You Want to Protect or Share

Customize fine-grained filters based on your system's APIs or select fields from the data you have sent to your VGS sandbox vault. Check the fields below to see how VGS transforms your sensitive data.

Fields to redact

Fields to reveal

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Run background checks and verify identities without worrying about accidental or malicious exposure of IDs, SSNs or any other PII.

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Compliance Certifications

VGS enables your systems to speed up the verification process for compliance certifications like PCI, SOC2, HIPAA and GDPR.

Choose Certification

Security Standards

We provide you with a security posture and compliance certification controls that withstand assessments from enterprise organizations like Visa and Experian.

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