Card Issuance

Accelerate Your Card Issuance Business Faster

VGS is the most comprehensive end-to-end card payment data security solution in the market. Let us take care of your data security needs so you can focus on what matters most - growing your card business (whether it’s debit, credit, prepaid, or business cards).

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Time to Market

Reduce Time to Market By 50% or More

Accelerate connectivity & on-boarding to issuing process platforms

Reduce your PCI cost by 50%

Reduce your PCI cost by 50%

Deploy a secure PCI environment at a fraction of the time and cost of DIY.

Maximize Data Utility

Maximize Data Utility

Utilize your data with intuitive logic, metadata, and format preservation.

Own All Cardholder Data

Own All Cardholder Data

Avoid vendor lock-in with data that stays with you.

Accelerate Card Issuance Compliances

Accelerate Card Issuance Compliances

Reduce time for PCI, freeing up resources for other strategic initiatives.

Integrate with Ease

Integrate with Ease

Supports any issuing-processing platform with no changes your network architecture.

Card Issuer Payment Solutions



VGS protects your customer PII data from the point of application to issuing the card - securing the card issuer's processing journey from start to finish.


Transaction Processing

VGS aliases your PCI data and orchestrates payment requests from the payment network to your issuing payment processing platform and back.


Account Management

VGS enables your organization to service your customer's accounts while shielding sensitive PCI and PII data during the authentication process.

1. Onboarding

Card Issuer Application and On-boarding Processing

On-board and Issue Cards Without Seeing PII or PAN

As part of VGS' thorough approach to securing sensitive data, we have designed a solution that helps card payment issuers protect all payment card industry data throughout the on-boarding process starting with the application the issuing bank receives from the potential cardholder.

2. Transaction Processing

Orchestrate Your Transactions Without Handling Payment Data

VGS takes a comprehensive approach to removing card payment issuers from PCI scope by aliasing all credit card transaction data without compromising the integrity of the data. This makes it easier for the card issuer to take advantage of the full utility of the original payment data and make a fully informed decision on the transaction request. VGS supports:

  • 3D Secure 2.0
  • SCA (any form of multifactor)
  • Lifecycle persistence of aliases and tokens

Through the VGS Payment Optimization solution, we enable card issuers to orchestrate any inbound payment request of any type or any card network to any outbound payment processing platform. The filters can be configured based on any factor in the payment transaction request.

3. Account Management

Provision and Authenticate Your Customers Without Directly Handling Sensitive Data

Our Account Management protects all channels where sensitive data is exchanged to authenticate account owners. Many issuers today require account holders to authenticate through sensitive data such as PAN, SSN, DOB, PIN and/or answers to challenge questions. This is enough data to create a synthetic identity and it can quickly become a liability for your business. Our extensive approach to data security not only protects the sensitive PCI and PII data, but it also safegaurds any object and format so that even biometric factors are also protected.

VGS ensures that card issuers are protected in order to provide secure account management servicing experience:

  • Call center representatives
  • Phone bank IVR
  • Digital channels
  • Account investigation
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“Not only did “VGS help Unit implement Visa DPS 50% faster than standard Visa DPS deployments,” but they also delivered a complex PCI compliant infrastructure for Unit at the same time.”