Payment Orchestration

Deploy your payment strategy. Achieve processor flexibility. Increase cost savings.

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Take Control of Your Payments

Operationalize your payment strategy with VGS Vault - a PCI-compliant, provider-agnostic payment platform.

When you centralize your data in the VGS Vault, you can route your payment traffic to the payment processing endpoint that best meets your business needs. You can simultaneously leverage multiple payment service providers or gateways to achieve optimal transaction outcomes.

  • Maintain complete autonomy over your routing rules engine and PSP relationships without being limited by an orchestration provider's capabilities.
  • Take control of your payment flows by routing your transactions across multiple PSPs for maximum cost efficiency and reliability.

Own Your Data

VGS Vault provides flexibility and adaptability to secure all sensitive information, minimize compliance scope, and achieve a best-in-class data security posture. Using VGS Vault directly as your payment ecosystem's foundation empowers you to build your own orchestration layer instead of relying on a single orchestration framework.

  • You own and control your data - not your service provider.
  • Use the access to your data for product innovation, targeted & segmented marketing, fraud mitigation, and more.

Redefine Your Payments Ecosystem

VGS Vault is the secure foundation for building your optimal payment environment. Whether building for transaction cost reduction, conversion strategies, or maximizing acceptance rates with failover routing, VGS Vault offers you the flexibility and efficiency to redefine your payment flows with the convenience of having all your data in a single location.

  • Pre-built integrations with dozens of PSPs, gateways, and 3rd party APIs, with additional integrations included frequently.
  • Route your transactions anywhere you choose based on your configuration.

Flexible Routing

Use the VGS Vault's processor-agnostic aliasing to execute your routing strategy across multiple PSPs and gateways based on various traditional attributes (card brand, type, amount, currency) or customized logic specific to your business.

Based on the outcome of your rules engine, VGS Vault will complete your payment transaction to your PSP/gateway of choice. You can also implement failover routing yourself by rerouting transactions that meet with a decline or unresponsive endpoint.

  • Choose the Best Price to Reduce Transaction Costs
  • Increase Approval for High and Low Dollar Transactions
  • Accept High-Risk Transactions
  • Accept International/Cross Border Transactions
Flexible Payment Routing

Achieve Cost Efficiency and a Better Checkout Experience

Keep your pricing leverage when you avoid vendor lock-in with a single payment service provider. Maximize revenue by improving payment coverage and flexibility at checkout through processor optionality.

  • Minimize transaction costs by switching or adding routes to the best gateways for optimized rates, availability, and market reach.
  • Balance acceptance, cost, and fraud in a seamless and reliable checkout experience with fewer false positive declines, higher service availability, and higher authorization rates.

Ready to Get Started?

Create an account with VGS and see how you can collect, store and transmit sensitive data in a processor-agnostic, PCI-compliant vault. It's free to get started, and in less than 10 minutes, you'll set up a baseline tokenization program that matches your unique needs.

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