Before you Start

To securely Collect, Protect & Exchange sensitive data you need to integrate VGS into your systems and secure your inbound and outbound connection, traffic going to and from your server.

Integrating with VGS:

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Securing Inbound traffic VGS sits between your client’s API and your server collecting any type of data your customer enters. Then sensitive data is replaced with aliases, safe substitute values, and sent back to your systems. With the help of aliases you securely operate on sensitive data.

Securing Outbound traffic VGS sits between you and third parties using the aliases to securely exchange the data with 3rd parties.

Preparation for integration

There are a few minor requirements/things to know before integrating:

  • Make sure you use https://. We will only accept connections of TLSv1.2 or higher (so if you're running http:// you won't be able to connect). We recommend LetsEncrypt. It's a great open-source, free, Certificate Authority.
  • When you use our outbound connection, we have static IPs that your requests will come from. If your current connections require your API or third party service to whitelist your IP, you'll want to add the following IP Addresses for US region: Live -,,, Sandbox -,, For EU region: Live -,,,,,

Organization and first Vault

After you’ve signed up and verified your account, we automatically create for you an Organization and Sandbox Vault. Sandbox is an environment used for testing things, and Vault is storage for your data. Basically, Vault is where all the magic happens. More on environments and vault here.

Name your organization after your company. You can do this in the Organization Settings page. To navigate to it, click on your Organization icon or name on the top left of your dashboard. You can also invite members to your organization. Each organization member represents a user linked to that organization.

Your first Vault is called Test. You can play with it to test out our solution and integrate VGS.

Once you've signed up, you will land on the Introductory guide. We recommend passing it as it will guide you through the process of setting up a proxy to safely secure your data and integrate with any 3rd party that you use. You can skip any time and return to the guide later. After skipping it will land you on the Vault home page.

At the top of the page, you will see credentials that were automatically created for you. They will be needed to secure your outbound connection. Please download them.