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How It Works

Secure your communication on all payment platforms, whether you’re ISSUING or ACCEPTING or FACILITATING any card or bank account payments
Secure your Protected Health information on all platforms, staying HIPAA compliant across your platform
Collect, Run search queries, analyze, and operate on sensitive information from your customers and market securely without violating privacy or having sensitive data touch your servers
Secure INTERNAL and EXTERNAL communications to prevent leaks and data breaches
Secure Your (Existing!) Forms: Protect your customer’s data and preserve their privacy, using Syv™ form-field level redaction. Sensitive data will never touch your servers


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    Integrate seamlessly without ever changing your own codebase.

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    Deploy and launch in a matter of minutes and scale easily and securely.

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    Eliminate your PCI scope with one integration.

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    Easily set the rules and behavior that best serve your use cases and change them effortlessly from an intuitive dashboard as your business evolves.

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    Build and evolve your business on your terms and set any new data rules you like without ever worrying about data security.


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    Instantly generate and use safely tokenized data to make all your transactions, interactions, and data mining efforts compliant and out of scope.

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    Build new partnerships and reach new customers across various platforms without ever worrying about your data's security.

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