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VGS is the modern approach to data security. Our SaaS solution gives you all the benefits of interacting with sensitive and regulated data without the liability of securing it.

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Protect Data

Best-in-class Security

Data is stored behind layers of security in a PCI Level 1 Compliant environment

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Control Data

Retain Ownership

You have full control to access and share your data with approved endpoints

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Turnkey Compliance

Built-in Security & Compliance

Full audit preparation and onsite audit assistance

How VGS works

How VGS works

VGS identifies and swaps any type of sensitive data, replacing it in real-time with surrogate values that retain the functionality of the original data. You instantly achieve a best-in-class security posture, free from the risk of data breaches, while also inheriting regulatory compliance (PCI-DSS, EI3PA, SOC2, and more).


  • Instantly tokenize cards while preserving format & functionality
  • You own your card data and can route to any vendor or endpoint
  • Eliminate the risk of data breaches and PCI compliance burden

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  • Redact PII from sensitive documents before it reaches your servers
  • Validate IDs and run background checks without storing PII
  • Remove the risk of accidentally exposing sensitive data in logs or other parts of your system

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