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You can't hack or leak what isn't there. Our Zero Data™ approach removes the risk from your organization's sensitive data while enabling and enhancing the utility and value of that same data.

The VGS Platform is a multi-layer data security platform built on a core foundation of proxy protocols (collecting data from any source) and aliases (an advanced form of tokens that enables more functionality than standard tokenization). This platform enables companies to collect, protect, and exchange sensitive information to utilize the value of the data without your business having to come into contact with the original data.

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VGS provides multiple methods to securely collect sensitive data, insulating customers from ever having it in their systems.

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VGS vaults the original data in its secure environment, thereby offloading liability and removing the risk of a data breach.

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Operate on the aliased data and, on outbound requests as VGS re-inserts the original data in place of aliased data in real-time.

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You can configure VGS to provide connectivity yourself, or submit a request and we will be more than happy to reach out to help you get set up.

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Card Issuers

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Payment Optimization

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Storing Credentials

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Identity Verification

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Why VGS?

We handle your sensitive data storage so you don't have to. Your data is safely stored in the VGS Vault, a segregated secure database that we've designed from the ground up and has no direct access to the internet.

Go to Market Quicker

Achieve PCI Level 1 in as quick as 21 days and save 50% to 75% in costs.

Remove Barriers

Bring in new business by getting to the market quickly and reduce compliance audit scope by up to 94%.

Reduce Costs

Keep security teams lean and efficient by using VGS best-in-class security tools, 24/7 monitoring, and expert customer success teams.

Zero Data™ Approach

Operate on sensitive data without the risk because VGS secures your data for you in the VGS Vault.

“Not only did “VGS help Unit implement Visa DPS 50% faster than standard Visa DPS deployments,” but they also delivered a complex PCI compliant infrastructure for Unit at the same time.”
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"Offloading the bulk of our PCI and security responsibility to VGS has really enabled us to move faster."
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Henrique Dubugras
CEO and Co-Founder of Brex Inc.

"VGS empowered us to skip building a PCI compliant system ourselves so we could reach compliance much faster and focus on improving our core business – delivering a secure crypto payment solution to our customers."
Marshall Hayner

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Marshall Hayner
CEO and Co-Founder of Metal Pay

"We're saving anywhere from $150k to $250k, not including the recurring expenses to stay up to date with compliance."
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Bryan Uribe
CEO and Founder of Yofii Inc.

Why a Zero Data™ Strategy?

VGS does Data Security as a Service (DSaaS), also called Suffering as a Service (Saas) - we suffer for you. Whether in databases or in the cloud, we are custodians of your enterprise data protection burden and liability so you don't have to be.

Our Zero Data™ security solutions take care of your sensitive data protection and data security management so you can focus your time and resources where they should be - which is developing products and growing your business. Our vault security controls include:

  • Segregated Accounts
  • Key Rotation
  • Patch Management
  • Extensive Audit Logging
  • Vulnerability Testing
  • Continuous Monitoring (24/7)
  • Strong Encryption (we utilize AES 256)

Instant PCI Level 2 compliance upon integration of our data security software, PCI Level 1 in as fast as 21 days, and a battle-tested infrastructure addressing more than 80% of requirements for SOC 2, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and more.

Data Security Made Easy for Developers

We've created a robust library of materials to ensure that integrating the VGS Platform is easy. Whether you work with Curl, Python, Ruby, or JS to instantly create customized forms, our developer docs provide technical details for working with Collect JS forms, iOS, Android SDK, IVR, TCO, TCP, and ISO 8583 proxies. Setting up your dashboard with fully protected inbound and outbound routes is quick and simple. Local development is just as easy, download our CLI or VGS satellite to get started.

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Everything you need to integrate and learn our APIs

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Getting Started

Get up and running with libraries, keys, and tools

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Create an account in seconds and get access to the VGS Dashboard instantly to secure your inbound and outbound data traffic. It's free to get started and easy to upgrade for large amounts of data.

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We're offering free tokenization including unlimited storage, to help businesses during these challenging times. It's easy to upgrade to the complete VGS Platform if you need additional protection.

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