Data Security & Compliance Infrastructure for Modern Organizations

Data Security & Compliance Infrastructure for Modern Organizations

Thousands of companies—from startups to enterprises leverage one simple integration with VGS to solve compliance and regulatory overhead, so they can focus on developing their products and growing their business.

Accelerates compliances such as SOC 2, PCI, ISO 27001, GDPR, and more.

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Why VGS?

When your data is secure, you unlock business opportunities. We handle your sensitive data storage so you don't have to become a security expert to build great products. Your data is safely stored in the VGS Vault, a segregated secure database that we've designed from the ground up, with no direct access to the internet.

Go to Market Quicker

Achieve compliances like PCI Level 1 or SOC 2 in as fast as 21 days with up to 94% less work.

Reduce Costs

Keep security teams lean and efficient by using VGS best-in-class security tools and 24/7 monitoring.

Close More Deals

Turn your security posture into an asset, showing potential partners that you’ve prioritized security.

Retain Value without Risk

Our Zero Data™ Approach allows you all the business utility you need, without the liability of sensitive data.

Unified Platform

Real Security & Fast Compliance - Fully Integrated

We’ve built the security and compliance infrastructure modern organizations need to build game changing businesses, without being held back by complex requirements. We believe that every business should be thinking about security—but not everyone can be an expert. When you have Control of your data, you have the freedom to deliver groundbreaking solutions. We help companies store, protect and exchange sensitive data, achieve multiple compliances, verify identity, save money on payment processing, issue credit cards and much more.

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Use Cases

Card Issuers

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SOC 2 Compliance

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PCI Compliance

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Payment Optimization

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VGS provides multiple methods to securely collect sensitive data, insulating customers from ever having it in their systems.

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VGS vaults the original data in its secure environment, thereby offloading liability and removing the risk of a data breach.

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Operate on the aliased data and, on outbound requests as VGS re-inserts the original data in place of aliased data in real-time.

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Solve compliance with one simple integration. SOC2, ISO, PCI and more. No complex legalese, policy writing or endless manual system checks.

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End-to-End Security and Compliance Infrastructure for Modern Organizations

VGS is the only solution that solves security and compliance with one simple integration. VGS securely collects your business data from anywhere on the internet—whether through a web form, payments page, or your AWS account — and secures that information; enabling you to completely de-risk your environments and achieve compliance certifications with ease.

Thousands of customers choose VGS to implement real security, achieve fast compliance, de-scope their environments, and generate revenue through Payment Optimization & Card Issuance.

Use VGS to protect any sensitive information in your business  OR seamlessly integrate with your technology stack, to automate compliance. We take the pain out of thousands of compliance controls, screenshots, and spreadsheets by either taking on the liability for you, or automating and monitoring the entire audit process.

Zero Data™ Strategy

Accelerate Product Development with a Zero Data™ Strategy

Our Zero Data™ security solutions take care of your sensitive data protection and data security management so you can focus your time and resources where they should be - developing products and growing your business. By using data aliases in place of sensitive information, you free your developers to move fast with zero risk. Our Vault security controls include:

Segregated Accounts

Key Rotation

Patch Management

Extensive Audit Logging

Vulnerability Testing

Continuous Monitoring (24/7)

Strong Encryption (we utilize AES 256)

Instant PCI Level 2 compliance upon integration of our data security software, PCI Level 1 in as fast as 21 days, and a battle-tested infrastructure addressing more than 80% of requirements for SOC 2, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and more.

VGS Collect

Data Security Made Easy for Developers

Developers love VGS for allowing them to use sensitive data through aliases, automating mundane compliance work, and through best in class engineer support. We've created a robust library of materials to ensure that integrating the VGS Platform is easy. Whether you work with Curl, Python, Ruby, or JS to instantly create customized forms, our developer docs provide technical details for working with Collect JS forms, iOS, Android SDK, IVR, TCO, TCP, and ISO 8583 proxies.


Everything you need to integrate and learn our APIs

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Getting Started

Get up and running with libraries, keys, and tools

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Create an account and instantly get access to the tools you need to implement real security & achieve fast compliance. It’s free to get started, and in less than 10 minutes, you’ll set a baseline security program.

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We're offering free tokenization including unlimited storage, to help businesses during these challenging times. It's easy to upgrade to the complete VGS Platform if you need additional protection.

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