Expand Effectively and Efficiently

Unlock eCommerce Success With a Universal VGS Vault

Control your data, costs, and customer experience as you grow

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For Your Business

For Your Business

Efficient Expansion

  • Control payment processing costs when expanding across geographies

Global Payment Orchestration

  • Seamlessly orchestrate across regions and payment type by transmitting payments to any processor or provider with ease

Advanced Payments Optimization

  • Fine tune your transactions across providers - support retries, optimize across global digital wallets, and adjust tokenization & data format

Centralized Data Control

  • Ease of access to your data across multiple locations, selling channels, and subsidiaries

Omni-Channel Loyalty Programs

  • Build a complete customer profile across online, offline, in-app, and partners

Co-Branded Card Issuance

  • Get an additional revenue source while deepening retention

For Your Consumers

Seamless Recurring Payments

  • Ensure up-to-date credentials to avoid friction in your buyers' payment experience that could lead to lost sales

Secure PII/KYC and PCI Information

  • Protect your users' sensitive data from malicious hacks and prevent any reputation hits to your business

Streamlined Experience

  • Seamlessly add new technologies and experiences to your payments strategy - wallets, secure card reveal, picture capture, and more

More Payment Methods

  • Integrate mobile wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay and offer more ways to pay through other providers, like Plaid for Pay by Bank
For Your Consumers

How Can VGS Help?

Control Data without Liability

Securely store payment data in the VGS Vault to prevent PCI liability while controlling your data.

Use the access to your tokenized data to:

  • Increase the success rate of transactions when you can retry these with additional processors
  • Use Network Tokens instead of raw card numbers to lower fraud and achieve lower network fees
  • Add Account Updater to update payment credentials and see more completed purchases
Consolidate Vendors and Increase Data Utility

Consolidate Vendors and Increase Data Utility

Work with a single vendor to store all your data across types of payments, owned and partner websites, and regions of operation for a complete customer profile.

Use the consolidated data to deepen customer insights by partnering with fraud detection and behavioral analytics providers.

Orchestrate Payments Across Processors and Regions

Manage processing costs and reduce failed payments by optimizing payments across providers and geographies within a single processor-agnostic Vault.

Avoid failed payments on Apple Pay and Google Pay when you can access the payment data. Using VGS Vault allows processing retries by intercepting the payload between the wallet provider and processor to decrypt payment data while still tokenizing sensitive information.

Decentralize your data with VGS Global Backup, which supports your primary Vault in one region with backup in another.

Diverse Set of Global Providers
Support for Multiple Game Types

Improve Data Utilization on Issued Cards

Take advantage of owning your data without taking on PCI compliance to create programs that maximize revenue and build loyalty.

Adding a PCI-compliant VGS Vault also enables you to go to market sooner with your issued cards, without being tied to one vendor, and rapidly integrate with the issuer-processor platforms of your choice.

Offer More and Easier Ways to Pay

Securely add new and cheaper ways to pay, like “Pay by Bank” by using your VGS Vault to tokenize and securely store bank account numbers.

Enhance the purchase flow by leveraging your customers' PII and PCI information to offer options such as auto-adding cards from mobile wallets or card images to a customer profile.

Offer More and Easier Ways to Pay