Control your Customer Experience and Costs

Use an Universal VGS Vault to Own the Data for Your Restaurants

Have the freedom to build the payment strategy and marketing programs that match your needs

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Own your data

  • As a restaurant chain, you sit on a treasure trove of data. Would you rather own your data or outsource it to a processor or third-party vendor to manage? We've proven through one of the largest QSRs in the world that sensitive payment information does not need to live with your processor or PSP (payment service provider). Owning your data without being in scope for PCI compliance gives you more flexibility to use it to get new customers into your door or app and then keep them coming back.

Grow revenue - while ensuring your data stays safe

  • Whether improving the ordering and paying experience, building your owned and franchise presence, or expanding to new regions, you still need to protect your sensitive information while limiting the compliance effort involved and meeting GDPR and CCPA data security requirements.

Create a rich customer profile

  • Knowing your customers' food likes and dislikes, visit patterns, and preferred ways to pay across physical locations, websites, and mobile apps enables you to create purchase incentives and loyalty programs tailored to their profile.

Build options into your payment strategy

  • Implement a payment strategy that lets you choose between different processors or providers instead of being locked in with just one to maximize successful transactions while optimizing your costs.

How Can VGS Help?

Get More Utility With Control of Your Data

You can do more with your payment data when you own and operate on it without the PCI burden or liability. You can:

  • Assemble fragmented data elements together with PII for deep business intelligence that can drive robust, personalized loyalty campaigns for top-line revenue
  • Retry transactions of different amounts and payment instruments with additional processors to get more completed sales.
  • Offer more payment options beyond stored value cards at your franchised locations.
  • Use Network Tokens instead of PANs to control fraud and fees and add Account Updater for up-to-date card data.
Secure Your Data and Descope You from PCI Compliance

Secure Your Data and Descope You from PCI Compliance

Working with VGS equips you with a PCI-compliant Vault so your PCI, PII, stored PANs, and other sensitive data components do not touch your systems and are securely stored with us.

All data is stored and operated on as a randomized token (or alias) to mitigate the risk of a breach while still offering the same insights.

Deliver an Omni-Channel Customer Profile

A single Vault allows you to assemble and access ordering and payment data across online and in-store locations, franchised and owned stores, and multiple geographies.

Using a tokenized PAN or another unique identifier, you can reconcile purchase transactions and bridge the end-to-end customer journey for a complete view.

Deliver an Omni-Channel Customer Profile
Build Customized Programs

Build Customized Programs

Owning your data also means you don't have to participate in card-linked offers or give discounts to third-party vendors to get access to your data. Instead, you are free to design and execute incentives that best fit the customer profile you build.

You can even partner with third-party vendors for deeper analytics and behavior assessment.

Implement a Multi-Processor Infrastructure

Having your data in a single VGS Vault helps you realize the benefits of payment orchestration and vendor choice. Centralizing your data in a single processor-agnostic Vault allows you to create processor redundancy and PSP hardware optionality.

You can optimize processing costs while minimizing failed payments.

Implement a Multi-Processor Infrastructure
Generate Top-Line Revenue

Generate Top-Line Revenue

Achieving digital parity across the customer experience of owned and franchised locations is easier when your data is unified in a single Vault.

A consistent and reliable payment experience reinforces your brand and drives additional sales.