Processor Optionality from VGS Ensures Seamless Continuity in Secure Payment Processing Under Any Circumstances

Learn How RoadSync’s Advance Preparation Kept It Strong Even During the SVB Collapse

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RoadSync is the digital financial platform for the logistics industry. They offer payment products for warehouses, carriers, brokers, repair/tow merchants, and drivers, integrating and automating the financial systems fueling the logistics industry. RoadSync offers a fast, convenient, and secure way to move and manage money and conduct business, dramatically reducing payment processing time and maximizing revenue collection.

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Gwen Gullett
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RoadSync sought a secure and reliable solution for collecting and storing their sensitive payment data but wanted to maintain full ownership over it both in storage and transit.


RoadSync faced a potential crisis when its payment processing capabilities were endangered by SVB's sudden collapse.


RoadSync utilized VGS to swiftly switch to a new processor (PSP) and ensured their secure payment processing continued seamlessly.


RoadSync's forward-thinking approach and partnership with VGS demonstrated their dedication to secure payment processing, resilience, and innovation in overcoming challenges and enabled them to accomplish this over a single weekend.

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When RoadSync was first introduced to VGS, they were seeking a secure and reliable solution for outsourcing the collection and storage of their sensitive payment data. They opted to implement VGS for their data collection so that they had full ownership over their data.

They also found that the frontend tools provided by VGS integrated nicely with their client applications, which were written in Flutter. With the VGS Collect Mobile SDKs, they had full control over their customer's experience.


With VGS, RoadSync maintained seamless payment processing with their PSP. However, the Silicon Valley Bank collapse was unprecedented. The run on the bank could impact RoadSync's payment processing capabilities. RoadSync knew they had to take swift decisive action so there was no interruption to their payments.

“Using any other tokenization besides VGS would have led to a completely different outcome.”

Gwen Gullett
Software Engineering Lead


RoadSync's forward-thinking approach cemented their position as a company on the cutting edge of innovation for both customer-facing products and internal architecture. With a problem-solving attitude and the help of VGS, RoadSync was able to swap PSPs and push the changes to production in a single weekend.

Even better, all of these changes were implemented without any impact to the end-user's mobile app experience, with VGS's secure and agile infrastructure playing a crucial role. VGS Vault deployments are fully AWS Cloud-native, some highlights of AWS Services used in RoadSync's deployment included, EKS for all compute functions, which supports both VGS Forward & Reverse Proxies. RoadSync utilizes these proxies to optimize their payments across multiple providers. VGS also uses AWS Network Load Balancer (NLB) & Application Load Balancer (ALB) to reliably manage and load-balance traffic as well as Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus for continuous monitoring and alerting on containerized applications and infrastructure. Our robust cloud-infrastructure allows customers to accelerate their SaaS deployments by leveraging VGS - with the reliability and security that they've come to expect from AWS.

“Our mobile applications had already been converted to work with VGS on the front-end, and our backend was already able to send through different routes. That turned out to be an extremely beneficial decision on our part." - Gwen Gullett, Software Engineering Lead at Roadsync

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The RoadSync team showed impressive agility and dedication to their customers, while VGS provided the innovative security infrastructure and configurability needed to keep sensitive data moving safely. Together, they proved that even in the face of unexpected challenges, with the right expertise, partners and tools, businesses can continue to thrive.

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