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Data security and compliance are hard enough without the new economic headwinds businesses are facing today. That’s why VGS is making our Tokenization API free for all new customers for the rest of 2021.

You should never have to choose between protecting your most precious data and growing your business. With VGS, now you don’t have to.

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What Our Free Tokenization for Business Offer Includes

Our Tokenization API replaces sensitive data with non-sensitive "tokens", reducing your liability and making it easier to achieve compliance with PCI, SOC2, GDPR, and more. You get FREE unlimited record storage via our Tokenization API (program details below).

VGS is on a mission to protect the world's sensitive data. As a leader in SaaS technology, we are transforming data protection and privacy from a business obstacle into an opportunity. Our best-in-class Tokenization API enables businesses to securely protect and access their sensitive data.

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Why Choose VGS to Tokenize Your Sensitive Data?

Records Stored Free

Records Stored Free

Work with Any Data Type

Work with Any Data Type

Upgrade for PCI Compliance

Upgrade for PCI Compliance

Flexible Vaulting

Flexible Vaulting

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VGS Offers More than Just Solutions for Data Tokenization

Our free tokenization offer is a simple way to secure your data. But if you're looking for a complete security and compliance solution that shifts liability to VGS for your sensitive data, our full VGS Platform has you covered.

With VGS' Zero Data™ Platform, you get

  • End-to-end, always-on compliance for PCI DSS, SOC2, and more
  • Full liability shift and insurance against data breaches
  • Send data to any endpoint
  • Easy implementation – no code changes

Contact us to learn about getting more utility from your data with our best-in-class solutions:

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions we get.

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With encryption, sensitive data – like a payment card number or account number – is altered so that it is indecipherable to any parties that don’t have the correct encryption key. Unlike encryption, which is reversible with the right key or machine that’s strong enough to crack the encryption algorithm, data tokenization is irreversible.

Instead of hiding the original data with a complex puzzle (how encryption works), the tokenization solution swaps out data and replaces it with a placeholder that has no inherent value in itself. The original sensitive data, which is securely kept in a separate location, can’t be retrieved without the secure tokenization platform. Even if cybercriminals get their hands on your tokens, the tokenized data would be useless to them.

Yes, tokenization solutions are safer than encryption when it comes to protecting sensitive credit card data, like credit card numbers. For an in-depth explanation of why data tokenization is more secure than data encryption, see our blog post.

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a worldwide standard for the secure handling of payment card data, first crafted by the major payment card brands in order to help prevent payment card fraud and protect cardholder data. Compliance is achieved after businesses verifiably fulfill all PCI DSS requirements, which is obligatory for all entities that handle consumer credit card data.

Payment tokenization solutions are approved for use toward PCI Compliance, and we offer tokenization for small business models and enterprise business models to do just that. The VGS Tokenization solution can be a valuable part of your data security posture and PCI Compliance program. If you are looking for a solution that takes your business out of PCI Compliance scope we can help too. The VGS standard solution provides the only end-to-end solution, shifting the burden and risk from your business to VGS. Contact sales to learn more.

Yes. Here is a link to the product documentations (here)

Program details and limitations


Unlimited number of records for storage Size / Record: <4KB


1MB / tenant No liability assumption


We are extending this offer through 2021.