Data Tokenization

Tokenize Any Sensitive Data Element with Our API

Our best-in-class data tokenization enables businesses to securely protect any sensitive data element with our extensible API. Offload the risk and costs of storing sensitive payments and identity data with VGS Tokenization.

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VGS Tokenization Platform
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Unlimited Token Storage

Unlimited Token Storage

Securely store an unlimited number of sensitive data and corresponding tokens

Data Flexibility

Data Flexibility

Tokenize any sensitive data element, including payments, PII, PHI, and ID verification images

Get the Most From Your Data

Get the Most From Your Data

Extract the maximum value from your data. with format preservation, ownership, and portability

Proxy-based tokenization

Seamless Upgradability

Upgrade to full proxy-based tokenization for end-to-end data aliasing and accelerated managed PCI DSS compliance

VGS provided a unique solution in the market. Their proxy solution is ingenious... it provides incredible flexibility.

How it Works

Our Tokenization API replaces sensitive plaintext data with non-relational tokens, reducing your risk and liability while accelerating data security and privacy compliance frameworks like PCI DSS, GDPR, and more.

As a market leader in data de-identification and tokenization services, VGS empowers its customers to transform data protection from a business obstacle into a revenue opportunity.

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Fraud and ID Verification

Fraud / ID Verification

Safely Verify Identities and Attack Fraud

Financial Data Provider / Credit Reports

Financial Data Provider / Credit Reports

Financial Data tool to evaluate credit worthiness

End-to-end compliance for PCI DSS


End-to-end compliance for PCI DSS, and more

Offload Risk

Offload Risk

Remove sensitive data from your systems to protect against data breaches.

Send data to any endpoint


Send data to any endpoint

Integrate with Ease

Integrate with Ease

Easy implementation - no code changes

VGS Offers More than Just Solutions for Data Tokenization

Our API-based tokenization offer is a simple way to secure your data. But if you're looking for a complete security and compliance solution that shifts liability to VGS for your sensitive data, our proxy-based tokenization natively available on our full VGS Platform has you covered.

Contact us to learn about getting more utility from your data with our best-in-class solutions:

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With encryption, sensitive data - like a payment card number or account number - is altered so that it is indecipherable to any parties that don't have the correct encryption key. Unlike encryption, which is reversible with the right key or machine that's strong enough to crack the encryption algorithm, data tokenization is irreversible.

Instead of hiding the original data with a complex puzzle (how encryption works), the tokenization solution swaps out data and replaces it with a placeholder that has no inherent value in itself. The original sensitive data, which is securely kept in a separate location, can't be retrieved without the secure tokenization platform. Even if cybercriminals get their hands on your tokens, the tokenized data would be useless to them.

Yes, tokenization solutions are safer than encryption when it comes to protecting sensitive credit card data, like credit card numbers. For an in-depth explanation of why data tokenization is more secure than data encryption, see our blog post.

The PCI SSC (PCI Security Standards Council), created 12 PCI DSS requirements, which businesses that handle cardholder data must follow. The quickest and most cost-effective way to get PCI Compliant is to leverage VGS' PCI-as-a-Service(PCIaaS) Solution. Speak with a PCI Expert to find out how.

Payment data tokenization solutions are approved for use toward achieving PCI DSS Compliance, and VGS offers tokenization for all business models. VGS' Data Security solutions can be a valuable part of your information security posture and PCI Compliance program. Whether you're looking for a tokenization service provider or are looking for a solution that fully descopes your business from of PCI Compliance scope we can help too.

Yes. Here is a link to the product documentations (here)