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New at VGS | July 2023

August 23, 2023

In July's release, we launched VGS Network Tokens for enhanced payment acceptance, the Vault Tokenizer Snowflake App for seamless data tokenization, a self-serve Larky Editor for direct code edits, our new PCI Compliance Checker, and much more...

Unveiling VGS Network Tokens

VGS Network Tokens facilitate a secure and cheaper alternative to processing payments with PANs. Instead of transmitting PANs across the payment network, merchants can use Network Tokens which VGS provisions on their behalf. Network Tokens increase authorization rates by 2-3%¹, and receive up to 10 bps in processing cost incentives from the networks. Merchants can also reduce fraud by up to 28%¹ with Network Tokens, according to VISA.

VGS is one of the only global providers to offer a direct integration with VISA and Mastercard, which lowers latency and speeds up implementation by up to 4 months compared to a white-label provider.

Learn more in our recent blog.


VGS Vault Tokenizer Snowflake Native App

We're excited to introduce the VGS Vault Tokenizer Snowflake App, a solution for Snowflake Database Administrators (DBAs) to secure sensitive data in their data warehouses. This app strikes the right balance between data protection and data access, letting DBAs streamline workflows while keeping information safe.

The app replaces complex Snowflake SQL commands with a simple user interface for data tokenization. It also simplifies applying data classification by assigning risk levels to table columns and controlling access.

VGS Vault Tokenizer Snowflake

VGS Vault Tokenizer Snowflake2

Self-Service Larky Editor

Larky, a Python language derivative, allows you to embed decryption, encryption, signing and payload manipulation as part of your proxy processing. Typical use cases include integration with mobile wallets, legacy issuers and processors, as well as use of network tokens. With the new Self-Serve Larky Editor, you can write and edit Larky code directly within the platform with the convenience of making code changes right where you need them.

Read more: Documentation

VGS Larky Self Serve Editor

On-Demand Deletion of Volatile Aliases

A simple but powerful enhancement that gives you even more control over your sensitive data – the On-Demand Deletion of Volatile Aliases. Volatile aliases are intended to vault transitionary data like CVVs which have a default retention of an hour. In addition to the default retention, you can now initiate the deletion process for volatile aliases that are no longer required using an REST API call.

Read more: Documentation

VGS Show SDK for Secure Image Reveal

The newly released VGS Show SDK for Secure Image Reveal enables displaying sensitive images like a virtual card within your applications. This feature is designed to provide a robust yet user-friendly solution to address the challenges of handling sensitive visual content. Show SDK also ensures compliance and security requirements are met through the VGS infrastructure.

Read more: Documentation


VGS PCI DSS Compliance Checker

Take the complexity out of achieving and maintaining Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance with the VGS PCI Compliance Checker. With PCI DSS compliance, you gain a holistic understanding of your compliance status, allowing you to proactively address any gaps.

Read more: Documentation


Improved Accessibility on Mobile SDKs

Our Mobile SDKs now feature Enhanced Accessibility, ensuring that individuals with disabilities can seamlessly engage with our product.

With Screen Reader Support, Text-to-Speech, Captioning, Transcripts, and Keyboard Navigation, every user, regardless of ability, can now experience their apps fully, fostering an environment where technology is more accessible and inclusive.

Read more: Documentation

VGS Collect.js Form Builder

The VGS Collect.js Form Builder simplifies the integration of VGS Collect.js into your applications. We have streamlined creation of Inbound Routes with re-designed templates and form setup. Developers, regardless of expertise, can expedite form creation and reduce technical barriers through the user-friendly interface and help to elevate customer confidence .

Try it out now


Managing Service Accounts via Dashboard

Service Accounts allow for programmatic access to VGS resources. Now, service accounts can be administered with the Service Accounts Management via the VGS Dashboard. This capability offers a unified platform to create, manage, and monitor service accounts. Additionally, the new “label names” feature allows custom names to be applied, streamlining the categorization and management of service accounts.

Read more: Documentation


Ulyana Falach Ulyana Falach

Product Lead


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