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VGS Network Tokens: One Solution for Multiple Processors

May 30, 2023
VGS Network Tokens Launch

Introducing VGS Network Tokens for multi-processor, secure payment processing. Purchase Network Tokens from just VGS rather than from each processor, and use them across processors for higher authorization rates, lower processing fees, fraud prevention, and 90% cheaper costs. Discover the future of payment optimization with VGS.

We are thrilled to expand the VGS Payment Orchestration suite with VGS Network Tokens. Network Tokens enable multi-processor payment processing, enabling merchants with unmatched security, higher authorization rates, lower processing fees, fraud prevention, and cost-effective solutions.

With VGS Network Tokens, we are shaping the future of payment orchestration and securing the way businesses process transactions.


Pay Once, and Use Across Processors

Instead of cumbersome token purchases from multiple processors, with VGS Network Tokens, you pay once and use the tokens across various payment processors. Network Tokens replace the complexities of managing separate tokens and offer a processor-agnostic experience that saves time and significantly reduces your operational costs. You have the flexibility to switch processors and adapt to your evolving business needs.

2-3% Higher Authorization Rates

Unlock the potential of your business with VGS Network Tokens, which offer a remarkable 2-3% increase in authorization rates. Outdated credentials often lead to declined charges and frustrated customers. However, by leveraging Network Tokens, you ensure that payment credentials remain current and up-to-date automatically.

With this seamless updating process, your customers experience fewer declines and chargebacks, resulting in improved satisfaction and increased revenue.

10 bps Lower Processing Fees

VGS Network Tokens not only enhance security but also provide a remarkable 10 bps decrease in processing fees. Unlike traditional card numbers, Network Tokens offer superior safety, making them more attractive to payment networks. As a result, Visa offers lower interchange rates, translating to significant savings for your business.

Fraud Prevention

With VGS Network Tokens, each transaction is safeguarded with a unique Network Token specific to your business, eliminating the risk of fraudulent activity. Unlike card numbers that can be exploited by fraudsters, Network Tokens provide an added layer of protection, reducing the potential for data breaches and financial losses. You can rest easy knowing that your transactions are shielded by the top-of-line security that VGS Network Tokens provide.

90% Cheaper – Lowest Network Token Costs

VGS offers one of the lowest Network Token costs in the market. As one of the few providers globally with direct integrations to Visa and Mastercard, we bypass intermediaries, allowing us to provide Network Tokens at prices that are 90% cheaper than other token providers.

VGS Network Tokens combine convenience, security, higher authorization rates, lower processing fees, fraud prevention, and cost-effectiveness into a comprehensive package. Replace multi-processor token management with processor-agnostic, seamless, and secure payment processing.

To learn more about how VGS Network Tokens can transform your business with modern payment orchestration, contact us today.

Increase Authorization Rates & Reduce Your Costs

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