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Zero Data Hero Customer Spotlight - United Naturals

July 22, 2019

Our Zero Data Hero Customer Spotlight series highlights the stories of VGS customers who have joined our Zero Data mission to protect the world’s information.

United Naturals - With VGS, we take data security as seriously as your wellness. Learn how United Naturals smoothly integrated with VGS in record time.

Today’s Zero Data Hero is Douglas Lauer, CTO and co-founder of United Naturals.


Q - Tell us about United Naturals?

Douglas - United Naturals is a natural health company. Our primary goal is to make healthy supplementation as accessible as possible. We also work to educate people about what they are putting into their bodies. We work with a team of medical professionals to formulate the best products, and we hope that the results speak for themselves for thousands of our customers.

Q - How did United Naturals approach the challenge of data security?

Douglas - We grew relatively quickly and we needed to sort out PCI compliance for ourselves in the easiest way possible. Our team identified that a vaulting service was the most efficient way to go. We went with VGS because we liked their proxy approach and the way that the service could just plug itself into our existing way of doing things.

Q - What does Zero Data mean to you?

Douglas - Definitely more employee bandwidth to solve business problems, less liability, and less to worry about.

Q - How has VGS helped United Naturals?

The integration was exceptionally smooth. We were able to connect via a shared Slack channel to ask any one-off questions during the process, but honestly, the documentation was clear enough to figure everything out.

VGS Collect wasn't a huge amount of work and we were able to match our form styles aesthetically.

Also, the sandbox environment and the ability to record and configure the proxy endpoints is well done. The interface of the product is intuitive and simple.

Q - How do you quantify the benefit of VGS?

Douglas - Mostly in technical bandwidth gained. The amount of overhead involved in storing and maintaining payment data is mind-boggling and I can see how it can take new companies off guard. Unless you have a big pool of employees ready to deal with the maintenance involved in not only obtaining, but also maintaining PCI compliance, I'd strongly advise against it.

Q - Who is your favorite superhero and why?

Douglas - I have been advised by someone I trust on this subject to answer Batman, because of his TENACITY.


Q - How can people sign up with United Naturals?

Douglas - If you haven't seen one of our advertisements in the wild, I’d encourage you to just take a look at our website and give one of our products a try at www.unitednaturals.com. Caring for your gut and body is important, and we offer a risk-free 60-day money-back guarantee on all of our products!

Stefan Slattery Stefan Slattery

Head of Growth Marketing


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