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User Management Feature Release

December 13, 2017

This month we're pleased to announce the release of the user management feature that aims at giving you more control over your Organization. Take a look at these new changes.

Until today, you relied on our Support team to manage your users. Now you can access this feature by clicking on the settings cog to the right of your Organization.


Here’s how you can utilize the new user management feature:

  • Invite users to your organization — in the past, you needed to reach out to support first to add a user. Now you can add a new user directly from your organization account. Simply add a new user’s email address and click Invite. This person will then be added.


When a new user is added to the organization they will receive an email notification to set their own password. Existing users that are already registered won’t receive any notifications.

  • Remove users from your organization — now you can also remove a user from the organization without having to reach out to support, as well as add them back when needed. To delete a user, click the “x” next to the intended person’s role, and the user will be immediately removed from the organization.


We continue enhancing administration functionality and working on role-based access controls. Today, admins are the only users who manage organizations. Further, we’ll have different access levels for different types of users.

We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback on the changes. Hope the new user management feature will make your collaboration experience in the vaults much smoother.

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