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Multiplexing: The More the Merrier

October 23, 2019

Imagine you need to get from your home to the airport to catch a flight. You open the Lyft app on your phone and see that Lyft is surging and the ride will cost you $75. You, almost subconsciously, open the Uber app and it’s $55 for the same ride. You then confirm your Uber ride and you’re on your way.

As consumers, we benefit from multiplexing service providers on a daily basis because often times there is little or no switching cost. With a few extra seconds, you are able to book the same ride from point A to point B on a completely different platform.

But, for companies, multiplexing is seldom an option due to the painstaking process of secure and compliant data migration. That is, until VGS.

By providing our customers with provider-agnostic aliases, they have the ability to route their traffic to any number of providers, without incurring the burden of securing the sensitive data themselves.

At a high level, the ability to multiplex between service providers gives VGS customers optionality. Here are a few specific examples to illustrate how the optionality afforded by multiplexing helps our customers:

  • Splitting payment card transactions across multiple payment processors for cost optimization based on factors such as geography, issuer, or transaction amount.
  • Enabling failover protection to automatically route traffic to a backup identity verification service provider if the primary provider is down.
  • Future-proofing provider strategy to enable seamless transitions from one payment gateway to another without the headache of migrating provider-specific payment tokens.


Using VGS as a neutral platform enables our customers to multiplex and route traffic to multiple parties or switch from one provider to another in no time.

We’re excited to be serving our customers to give them the optionality to route traffic to wherever they may choose and avoid vendor lock-in with the flip of a switch.

To find out how multiplexing with VGS can add value to your company, check out https://www.verygoodsecurity.com/use-cases/multiplexing or drop us a line at contact@verygoodsecurity.com.

Stefan Slattery Stefan Slattery

Head of Growth Marketing


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