Announcing the New All In One Checkout Experience for Easier Payments Processing

September 2, 2021
All In One Checkout Solution.

VGS has simplified security and compliance for hundreds of businesses in the payments industry, helping merchants collect payments data both faster and more securely with our data security platform and libraries like VGS Collect and VGS Show.

Today, processing payments is even easier thanks to VGS Universal Checkout, which is the front door of our payment optimization solution. In building Universal Checkout, we tackled the challenges that merchants and payment facilitators most often face while launching and growing their businesses.

Announcing the New All In One Checkout Experience for Easier Payments Processing

For merchants or payment facilitators, your payment ecosystem is uniquely yours – your checkout experience should be too. VGS designed Universal Checkout to liberate businesses from single-payment-provider design and functionality limitations.

Quote from our early adopter, Fivestars:

"The VGS Universal Checkout platform has given us extensive flexibility in who we process with. It provides a well designed, best-in-class checkout experience while allowing us to process the transaction with any of the 120+ supported processors"
Matt Doka, Co-founder and CTO

NT Provisioning, Updater Enrollment, BIN Attribute v2

We built this solution on a foundation of these core values:

Security first

We design all our products from the ground up with security in mind. The checkout solution is hosted on secure VGS servers, is PCI-compliant, and isolates and secures end users’ payments data without your application ever encountering any of it.

Optionality of vendor and payment optimization

The Universal Checkout experience scales from one controllable and replaceable Payment Service Provider (PSP) to multiple as your application grows. It makes it easy to add additional control mechanisms for one or many PSPs and to set up smart conditional routes. Instead of being locked into one vendor, you can retain optionality and effortlessly swap out providers without code changes or engineering time.

Consistent experience

Previously, you would typically need to change your checkout interface if you changed your payment gateway. With our Universal Checkout experience, you won’t ever need to. You can simply choose a preferred vendor under the hood, and the user and developer experience will stay the same for your customers and/or end users. It allows you to constantly improve your payment experience without having to change anything in your application code or your customers’ integrations. It’s also consistent across different devices and browsers.

Easy configuration

Merchants oftentimes don’t have control over the look and feel of their checkout experience when using third-party solutions. With our new product, the interface for customers and payment facilitators is customizable and can be configured to match their unique branding. A well-tested default user experience is also available if customization is not desired, reducing implementation time.

White-label developer experience

For payment facilitators, it’s always a challenge to build on top of another solution because you need to have a decent level of flexibility and developer experience to provide your customers with world-class products. VGS provides you with a white-label developer experience that your partners can integrate with in just a few lines of code, and can use with your current payment solution. It can be easily customized for each merchant or handled by the merchant themselves.

Increase payment acceptance rate

Our checkout solution handles validation, formatting, and supports integration with best-in-class behavioral analytics and fraud protection tools, 3DS/3DS2, and any type of payment method. It also allows you (in combination with our payments orchestration product) to fall back to an alternative gateway for unsuccessful payments as well as intelligently route payments depending on different attributes, such as BIN attributes. The combination of these functionalities leads to increased acceptance rates, enabling accelerated business growth and cost optimization.

In conclusion, the Universal Checkout solution from VGS is available as a drop-in solution or hosted form, and is a low-code checkout page customized to your brand. It provides an intuitive checkout experience for your customers that sits on top of the VGS Vault and Payment Optimization features. You only need to integrate once and VGS will handle the rest. Contact us at to try it out and stay tuned for more updates.

Irina Irina Ziakhor

Product Manager


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