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Utilize Stripe's APIs without storing payment card data.


Payment services

What is Stripe?

Stripe provides a software platform for businesses to accept online payments and apply modern tooling to help businesses scale their eCommerce operations.

Benefits of Using Stripe with VGS

  • Utilize Stripe's API without ever touching PCI data
  • Descope your systems from holding cardholder data with the click of a button

How to Use Stripe with VGS?

  • Collect your users' payment card data via the VGS Collect product suite
  • Connect to Stripe's API to securely process your payments
  • Stripe Documentation

VGS Collect.js and Stripe 3DS Flow

Here is an example application of a demo integration: VGS Collect.js with Stripe’s 3DS payment flow. You can easily try it out:

Integration Video

Check out this video to see integration flow of VGS Collect.js with Stripe