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About Apto Payments

At Apto, we imagined a world in which any founder with a great idea could launch a card product in minutes. Our developer-friendly card issuing platform powers physical debit cards, virtual cards, corporate cards and crypto cards for some of the most innovative fintech companies in the world. We handle every detail from KYC and risk management to custom card design so that you can focus on user growth instead of launch.

Apto Payments and Very Good Security

What's Apto Payments?

Apto Payments is a card issuer and program manager for modern fintechs.

Benefits of Using Apto Payments with VGS

  • Utilize the Apto Payments API without ever touching PCI data
  • Descope your systems from holding cardholder data with the click of a button

How to Use Apto Payments with VGS?

  • Collect your users' payment card data via the VGS Collect product suite
  • Connect to the Apto Payments API to securely process your payments
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