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About BridgePay

Enabling Digital Payments for Merchants and Integrators

Whether you are a point-of-sale provider with an Android tablet or an online merchant taking payments all over the globe, BridgePay provides straightforward solutions for all your digital payments needs.

BridgePay and Very Good Security

What's Bridgepay?

BridgePay is a gateway that provides connectivity to payment card processors, ACH providers, and loyalty providers.

Benefits of Bridgepay with VGS

  • Utilize the BridgePay API without ever touching PCI data
  • Descope your systems from holding cardholder data with the click of a button

How to Use Bridgepay with VGS?

  • Collect your users' payment card data via the VGS Collect product suite
  • Connect to the Bridgepay API to securely process your payments
  • Bridgepay API documentation
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