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Collect, protect, and exchange data using the SFTP Proxy.


SFTP Proxy

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SFTP stands for Secure Shell (SSH) File Transfer Protocol, a network protocol used for secure transfer of data over the internet.

How Does It Work?

The protocol supports the full security and authentication functionality of SSH, and is widely used to exchange data between business partners. SFTP servers are often used to reconcile payment transactions and such documents often contain highly sensitive data.. Documents are pre-processed by VGS during SFTP GET and SFTP PUT operations. By configuring filtering rules in the VGS Dashboard, customers can filter sensitive data within documents sent via SFTP.

Possible integration scenarios:

Scenario 1
With an SFTP GET, a CSV document is pre-processed in transit by VGS. All the fields with sensitive data are replaced with cells with aliased data. This data is then stored with VGS for later use. A typical use case is reconciliation of payment transactions.

Scenario 2
With an SFTP PUT, a CSV document is pre-processed in transit by VGS. A reverse replacement occurs as the file is passed to the payment processor, thus completing the transaction.

The typical upstream backend is an SFTP server of a Payment Processor / Bank.