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Unlimited Data Tokenization on VGS

April 14, 2022
VGS Tokenization API

VGS is on a mission to protect the world’s sensitive data and at the same time transform data security and compliance from a business obstacle into an opportunity.

Securing sensitive data is the cornerstone on which VGS was built, and as such, we firmly believe in the democratization of tools to help businesses large and small protect their most valuable asset — their data. That’s why we’re excited to share that we have removed all barriers for anyone who would like to use our new and improved cloud Tokenization API, including our dedicated and redesigned application.

Data Tokenization for Modern Business

VGS data tokenization allows you to securely protect and easily access your sensitive data – with no strings attached. You can now secure any type of payment, PII or Health data with the VGS Tokenization API, regardless of whether your data is structured or unstructured.

Payments data

  • Card and banking information
  • Adherence to compliances such as PCI DSS

Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

  • Passport & ID numbers, addresses and more
  • Comply with regulations such as GDPR, CCPA

Health data

  • Biometrics, medical history, prescriptions and more
  • Meet data security and handling requirements for ePHI and HIPAA


  • Protect user data, secrets, third-party API keys

Your business should never store any of this information in plaintext. With VGS’ Tokenization API, you can quickly and easily secure all of this data and safely operate on tokens instead.

Tokenization Built For Developers

Get Started

How it Works

Tokenization is the systematic process of replacing original, sensitive information with a non-sensitive placeholder value called a token. Tokens are randomly generated, and they have no intrinsic value on their own; rendering them useless to data thieves and threat actors.

Learn more about tokenization, its history and how its real-world application influences PCI DSS compliance.

VGS Tokenization is built for developers. In just minutes, engineers can access our solution to tokenize objects, images, files – anything you can store in a database. At the same time, your data is securely stored in the industry-leading VGS Vault, which maintains data usability and preserves future delegation rights.

Our Tokenization API is organized around REST. Our API is built with a predictable, resource-oriented structure, uses JSON-encoded requests and responses, follows standard HTTP verbs/responses, and uses industry standard authentication.

dashboard.verygoodsecurity.com tokenization

Here are some of the benefits of the VGS cloud tokenization API:

Data flexibility

  • Tokenize payments, PII, ePHI
  • ID cards, documents, images

Unlimited token storage

  • Securely generate, store, and retrieve unlimited tokens
  • At no cost!

Maximum data value

  • Secure your data and extract business value from it
  • You choose whether to preserve the original data format
  • Avoid vendor lock-in for full portability and usability

Seamless scalability

  • Scale with the full VGS Platform
  • End-to-end data aliasing
  • Managed PCI
  • Compliance automation

Ready to Start Tokenizing?

Create your free VGS account to instantly gain access to our flexible tokenization API. In less than 5 minutes, you’ll be on your way to protecting your most valuable asset – your data.

Developer Resources

We told you, VGS is built for developers. Here’s a quicklink to our comprehensive guide to Getting Started with Tokenization and our Tokenization ‘Go Live’ Guide.

For even more developer questions and deeper discussions, check out our FAQs — or if you want it all, access the complete VGSdocs repository.

Ken Geers Kenneth Geers, PhD

Information Security Analyst at VGS


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