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Simplify Your Security Conversations: The VGS Trust Center is Live!

December 9, 2021
Trust Center SAFEBASE - featured image

VGS is proud to announce the new VGS Trust Center. Built-in collaboration with SafeBase.io, the Trust Center gives customers and partners a place to instantly search the entire VGS security program database, from network diagrams to access control, cyber insurance, penetration testing, and much more. It’s an all-in-one resource to answer almost any question about how VGS secures our environment to keep your data secure.

The VGS Trust Center lies at the heart of our security assessment process. It showcases the VGS security-first philosophy and our commitment to transparency. This is the place where you can review the VGS security documentation library and download key files which demonstrate that VGS enforces the highest industry standards in information security. The Trust Center facilitates document review and significantly simplifies conversations between customers, partners, and auditors relative to security and compliance.

Security & Transparency

These days, the rapidly-evolving landscape of regulation and compliance often introduces increased friction between businesses and their customers. Our new site is designed to expedite and accelerate the vendor review process, enterprise sales, and strategic decision making during information security reviews.

The VGS Trust Center offers:

  • Organized and accessible security program details
  • ‍Interactive information for public review
  • Automation of repetitive tasks during the security assessment process

VGS is dedicated to helping you tackle the toughest problems in the security review process, via the publication of world-class security documentation.

Why SafeBase?

SafeBase is built by experts in enterprise security and validated by leading CISOs. It resides in the cloud, follows Cloud Security Alliance standards and technologies, including SSO, SAML, and SCIM authentication and access control. SafeBase has exceptional performance and uptime.

Via SafeBase, you and your customers, partners, and auditors can gain secure access to an entire library of material on the VGS information security program. Just share the link to the Trust Center page with anyone you want to have the information to ensure that security reviews are no longer a bottleneck in the sales process. They can request and gain access in no time with just a digital signature and click-through agreement.

Automatic & Continuous Updates

At the VGS Trust Center, you can feel confident when completing data security and cybersecurity assessments. The site’s high level of organization and transparency minimize the challenge, time, and pain of vendor security reviews.

Further, via subscriptions and notifications, you can receive direct and up-to-date access to our assets and information. You’ll be the first to know when we publish a change to our security program, documents, or status.

SafeBase reduces the headache of dealing with information security, and dramatically improves security conversations and business cycles. Your company should consider how it can leverage the VGS Trust Center to help keep the “green lights” on in your own trust center.

Click here to experience the VGS Trust Center for yourself!

Ken Geers Kenneth Geers, PhD

Information Security Analyst at VGS


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