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Four VGS Customers Included in Forbes' Fintech 50

June 10, 2021
TOP 1001

VGS congratulates four of our customers, Aspiration, Brex, Gemini, and TrueBill, that made the Forbes' Fintech 50 2021 list of most innovative fintech companies.

Making this prestigious list is no easy feat and puts organizations in the company of notable 'graduates' (aka those who have gone public) like Coinbase and Affirm. We’re not at all surprised to see these four listed, with their focus on innovation extending all the way to security and compliance.

Focusing on their core product and achieving business outcomes faster were key reasons these organizations sought VGS. Our Zero Data approach allowed them to decouple the business value of their data from the related security and compliance liabilities. Outsourcing their security and compliance burdens let their engineering teams focus on developing innovative products.

Here's a closer look at each of the winners:


For those who want their investments, no matter how large, to help the environment rather than contribute to climate change, this is the banking service you’re looking for. Aspiration is a fintech for environmentalists, offering spend and save accounts, a credit card, and professionally managed investment and retirement accounts.

The kicker is that, with Aspiration, deposits will never fund fossil fuel exploration or production. Not only does this awesome startup, unlike many big banks, ensure that your money won’t contribute to oil projects, it also gives its customers the option of planting a tree with every roundup.

Aspiration allows investors to put their money where their values are. Plus, with $10 minimum opening deposits, investors can get started on tax-deferred growth at every stage of their financial lives – and help save the planet while they do it.


Big players like Airbnb and Carta are customers of Brex, which provides a suite of offerings including corporate credit cards designed for startups, corporate cash management accounts, and spend management software, which all come packaged in a single, easy-to-use solution.

With Brex's banking platform, there are no account, transaction, or hidden fees. There is no minimum balance required, and its customers can send unlimited ACH and wires for free – which comes in handy when businesses are paying vendors or running payroll.

Plus, sending money overseas also involves zero fees, making Brex the best option for startups looking to go global.


If you’ve been even slightly into cryptocurrency in the past five years, you already know about Gemini. Founded in 2015 by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, Gemini is a simple, safe, and elegant platform where users can build their cryptocurrency portfolio.

Gemini supports the trading of Bitcoin and over 40 other digital currencies. It offers a wallet and a way for its customers to earn interest on their cryptocurrency with Gemini Earn.

Gemini also has an upcoming credit card that enables its cardholders to earn rewards in Bitcoin or any other crypto featured on the platform. On Thursday, June 17th, we will be teaming up with Lendit Fintech and Evan Eisman, the Lead Product Manager of Gemini Credit Card, for a special webinar on growing businesses faster by streamlining security and compliance. You can register for the webinar here.


Geared toward helping its users save more and spend less, Truebill is a free app that empowers people to take back control of their financial lives. This innovative money app – which already boasts over 2 million users – enables its users to take advantage of a number of financial tools.

Truebill users can effortlessly set aside funds by putting their savings on autopilot, get a breakdown of their spending habits, track the subscriptions they’re paying for, and even track their credit score.

Plus, Truebill's concierge can negotiate on a user's behalf to lower their bills. Also, if a user needs to avoid overdraft fees in an emergency, they can request a pay advance. There are a few other valuable tools, like creating a budget and getting a picture of your net worth.

Stefan Slattery Stefan Slattery

Head of Growth Marketing


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