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Announcing Very Good Security’s Zero Data Mission

April 23, 2019
Zero Data Hero

No one starts a business to get audited, but today, any company that comes in contact with sensitive data (like payment cards, health information, or personally identifiable info), is forced to do expensive, time-consuming work that is not core to their business so that they can achieve certifications like PCI, SOC2, HIPAA and more, just to stay in business.

What if companies didn’t actually have to deal directly with sensitive data? What if they could interact with sensitive data, exchange it, and use it to meet their business objectives, without having to actually possess the data themselves, thereby staying out of compliance scope?

This is the vision behind Very Good Security’s Zero Data Mission.

We want to give businesses all the benefits of interacting with sensitive data, without the cost or liability of custodianship. Check out the video below to see what we mean:

When my co-founder and I created Very Good Security, we understood first-hand the pain and suffering that comes with building a world-class data security posture and maintaining compliance certifications like PCI, SOC2 and more. As the former CTO of Balanced Payments, my team spent 12 months working to achieve PCI-Level 1 compliance. That was 12 months of time, effort and money we could have used to grow our business or build new features for our customers instead.

The key to business agility is limiting the scope of sensitive data and compliance. That’s exactly what VGS does for our customers. By using our SaaS platform, customers offload the cost and liability of data security and compliance, leaving them free to innovate and go to market more quickly and efficiently.

We like to joke that we take on “Suffering as a Service” (SaaS), so our customers don’t have to!

Our Zero Data Mission is about maximizing the value of your sensitive data without the liability of possessing it. For VGS and our customers it has become a rallying cry. In fact, internally we call our customers “Zero Data Heroes”.

Zero Data Hero

“Your Zero Data concept is the reason we became your customer. The idea of reducing compliance scope, and not having to directly hold sensitive data really aligns with our philosophy allowing us to launch products quickly”
— Henrique Dubugras, CEO and Co-Founder of Brex

We always appreciate feedback, and if you are curious to see how VGS might be able to help your business simplify your security and compliance burden, please get in touch.

Stay secure!

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