Payment Orchestration

Deploy a robust payment strategy. Avoid provider lockin. Increase flexibility and cost savings.

VGS Payment Orchestration enables you to intelligently route your payment traffic to the best payment processing endpoint. You can leverage multiple payment service providers or gateways simultaneously to achieve the most optimal transaction outcome.

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Own Your Data.
Avoid Vendor Lock-In.

VGS Payment Orchestration offers a low-code command center from which you can route transactions based on any number of routing rules.

Payments Orchestration not only secures your transactions and routes them intelligently, but also grants you full ownership of your data across platforms. Unlike most PSPs who own their clients’ processing data without adding value, VGS Payment Orchestration consolidates information across payment partners, giving you the intelligence you need to drive business decisions.

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Redefine Your Payments Ecosystem

  • Build logic on any payment factor to route your payments to optimize for approval rates
  • VGS integrates with 120+ PSPs, gateways, and 3rd party APIs, with additional integrations being included every day. Your transactions are directed anywhere you choose.
  • Routing transactions to different gateways and PSPs can reduce transaction costs and build robustness to transactions when primary endpoints are unresponsive.

Intelligent Routing

  • Achieve cost optimizing routing based on card type, transaction size, and partner pricing
  • Achieve failover routing to build redundancies, so transactions are not impacted during a down or unresponsive gateway.
  • Achieve high success routing with rules prioritizing payment partners with higher success rates based on risk-levels, specific MCCs, or cross-border transactions
  • Attain breakpoints to gain access to partner-specific features, services, or lower price-points once a volume threshold is met
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Orchestrate an Optimal Payments Environment