Rally Protects Online Shoppers with a Secure Compliant Checkout Experience

Elevating Payments Security with Flexible and Scalable Technical Infrastructure

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Rally is a top-tier checkout platform that enables e-Commerce businesses, regardless of their size, to streamline their checkout process. Rally's platform offers one-click checkout, post-purchase offers, and customization tools so merchants and app developers can create a modern, seamless and personalized checkout experience.

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Rok Knez
Co-Founder & CTO






Manage sensitive payments data while staying compliant and retaining a flexible user experience.


RallyPay’s one-click checkout experience required a secure method to handle customer data and support merchant integrations.


Rally opted to use VGS to collect and secure sensitive payment data. This allowed them to stay compliant while speeding up development and reducing costs over in-house solutions


With VGS, Rally significantly simplified its compliance requirements with complex payment regulations. This allowed them to concentrate on their core business while ensuring high standards of security and compliance.

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RallyPay - Rally’s one-click checkout solution - required a secure and compliant method to handle customers’ sensitive payment information, ensure regulatory compliance, and support merchant integration with different payment service providers (PSPs). Rally promises secure storage of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and payment data for shoppers across the Rally network.

When co-founder and CTO Rok Knez started Rally, finding a reliable solution for handling and retaining this data and enabling secure customer vaulting was a top priority.


RallyPay’s one-click checkout experience required a secure method to handle customer data and support merchant integrations. Rally had two options: 1) develop their own payment storage solution, which would require hiring additional specialist developers and dedicating significant time and resources to build incremental infrastructure alongside the Rally checkout platform, or 2) outsource this functionality to a trusted vendor.

After considering both options, the Rally team realized that building an in-house solution would be the more time-consuming and costly option. They then assessed multiple vendors to identify one who could combine a secure vault with the flexibility needed for Rally’s payment functionality to operate safely and effectively.

"Our main challenge was building the functionality to recall credit card info, and then retaining it for merchants to serve to returning shoppers."

Rok Knez
Co-Founder & CTO


Rally identified VGS as their chosen vendor after confirming that the VGS Vault with its secure front-end data collection tools, flexible vaulting, and ability to proxy payment data to different payment service providers could meet Rally’s needs.

They found the deployment of VGS’s vault and tokenization services to securely collect and store customer data to be on-time and hassle-free. The implementation and support teams quickly resolved any queries, with a dedicated development resource to further ease the process.

“The implementation was easy, smooth, and bug-free. The VGS team was also very supportive with our questions and helped us build the solution.” - Rok Knez, co-founder and CTO at Rally.

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Thanks to VGS, Rally was able to offload all sensitive customer data to a reliable and secure Vault, saving them a lot of work on meeting and maintaining complex and expensive regulatory requirements. Rally could now continue to focus on growing its business while maintaining the highest level of security and compliance.

“They have saved us a lot of work with complex, lengthy, and expensive compliances. It is a relief knowing we can safely offload this sensitive information to VGS.” - Rok Knez, co-founder and CTO at Rally

To learn more about Rally and see their product in action visit getrally.com.

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