Securely Collect Data with the New VGS Collect CardScan Module for Mobile SDKs

October 28, 2020
VGS Collect CardScan Module for Mobile SDKs

Here at VGS our mission is to secure the world's sensitive data. We’re thrilled to announce the release of a new VGS Collect CardScan Module for our Mobile iOS and Android SDKs.

VGS Collect mobile SDKs now provide CardScan integrations for collecting and scanning card data into VGS Collect SDKs UI text field components both on iOS and Android mobile platforms. This integration is supported by VGS’ PCI compliant system, descoping your company from sensitive PCI data at the initial point of card scanning.


VGS Collect allows developers to securely ask users for sensitive data, such as credit card details, over the web or in a mobile app. With our new partnership with Bouncer, the secure collection of data now extends to card scanning.

Together with Bouncer, we provide a fast, intuitive, and secure checkout flow to give your end customers a seamless purchasing experience. This streamlined checkout process will serve to both enhance your security posture and increase customer conversions.

In partnership with Bouncer, we are offering VGS customers discounted pricing.

Getting Started with VGS Collect CardScan Module

To use the module with VGS Collect mobile SDKs you should add CardScan module alongside our core VGS Collect SDK module into your App Podfile or Gradle dependency, on iOS or Android respectively:

Quick start on iOS:

pod 'VGSCollectSDK' 
pod 'VGSCollectSDK/CardScan'

Read the full VGS CardScan Tech Documentation for iOS here.

To see how our application works, we created a reference demo food delivery application called Very Spacy Food that is built on top of both VGS Collect iOS SDK and VGS Collect CardScan Module. You can check it out on github and let us know what you think.

Quick start on Android:

  dependencies { 
    implementation 'com.verygoodsecurity:vgscollect:<latest_version>' 
    implementation 'com.verygoodsecurity:adapter-bouncer-cardscan <latest_version>'

Read the full VGS CardScan Tech Documentation for Android here.

We’ve also got you covered when it comes to compliance. The VGS Collect SDK and modules seamlessly enable forms that comply with PCI DSS, HIPAA, CCPA, and GDPR.

Next Steps

We’ve put together a complete guide to getting started on both IOS and Android. If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know!

P.S. Here is a short video of the module in action.

Irina Irina Ziakhor

Product Manager


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