Avoid Vendor Lock-in, Payment Optimize Between Data Destinations with VGS


Benefits of Payment Optimization

Cost Optimization

Split payment card transactions across multiple payment processors based on factors such as geography, issuer, or transaction amount.

Failover Protection

Enable failover protection to automatically route traffic to a backup processor if the primary processor is down.

Seamless Vendor Migration

Future-proof provider strategy, enable seamless transitions from one processor to another without the headache of migrating provider-specific payment tokens.

Secure Payment Optimization

Secure Payment Optimization Implementation

VGS gives customers provider-agnostic aliases, enabling customers to route traffic to any number of providers you work with, using your own credentials, without incurring the burden of securing the sensitive data themselves.

VGS Multiplexing

Benefits of Payment Optimization


Integrate with VGS once, obtain access, and send payments to any of the 100+ processors you work with. One connection, multiple processors.


Ex: Custom routes based on card issuing country

Ex: Custom routes based on dollar amounts

Conditionally route payments based on factors that matter to your business. Input optimization logic into VGS’ routing tool.

Choosing VGS Multiplexing

Why Choose VGS for Payment Optimization?

Don't be reliant on anyone else's roadmap. Add any provider you work with, whenever you want.

Think beyond payments data. Payment Optimize PII and other sensitive data to any of your trusted third-party partners.

Ensure on-going compliance as regulations change and avoid the technical resource drain of building and maintaining in-house


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"Using VGS enables us to build our product the right way from the start. With VGS, we can confidently send our traffic to whichever provider we'd like today and ensure the same optionality down the road"

- Maurizio Caló Caligaris, Calii

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