Accept sensitive data securely via your API without code changes.

Instantly Secure your APIs

Install VGS to protect your systems and inherit compliance without code changes. Rest easy knowing that your security provider is constantly tested by different credit bureaus, financial institutions and security professionals.

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Modern Security

No Code Changes

Install and configure VGS to intercept and vault sensitive data going to your API without changing your application code.

Enterprise Security

Inherit a security posture that brings in more business. VGS seamlessly connects you to organizations like WorldPay (Vantiv) and Experian.

Easy Compliance

Reduce your compliance certification tasks by up to 94% and acquire new compliance certifications easily.


High Performance

Our highly reliable security infrastructure processes millions of requests daily with an average latency of 15 milliseconds or less. We can also offer uptime SLAs and improved performance for customers with enterprise needs.


Layered Protection

VGS comes with additional layers of security like SSL termination, role-based access controls, format-preserving aliases and segregated encryption keys. Also, your sensitive data is stored in hardened vaults that are constantly tested and monitored for threats 24/7.

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How VGS Works

VGS prevents sensitive data from accidentally being captured in your logs or maliciously being shared with others. VGS protects your data by intercepting and replacing sensitive data with alias values. Mouse over the area below to see how we move you out of PII Scope.

User UI sending sensitive data to VGS and VGS descoping your systemUser UI sending sensitive data to your system and bringing you into PII scope


Select The Data You Want to Protect or Share

Customize fine-grained filters based on your system's APIs or select from the data you have sent to your VGS sandbox vault. Check the fields below to see how VGS transforms your sensitive data into alias values.

Fields to redact

Fields to reveal

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Why Use VGS?

See why companies in regulated industries (like Fintech, Healthcare and Insurtech) trust Very Good Security to protect credit cards, passwords and other sensitive data.

Why Others Use VGS

Compliance Certifications

VGS enables your systems to speed up the verification process for compliance certifications like PCI, EI3PA, SOC2, HIPAA and GDPR.

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Scalable Pricing

Pay only for what you use. We have pricing packages for start-ups to enterprise businesses and everything in between.

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