Very Good Security Named Select Technology Partner in the Amazon Web Services Partner Network

May 21, 2020

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Very Good Security (VGS), a leader in modern data security and custodianship, announced today it achieved Select Technology Partner status within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN). The APN is a global partner program for technology and consulting businesses that leverage AWS to build solutions and services for customers.

VGS offers specialized infrastructure to companies for data security and compliance. VGS acts as a data custodian on behalf of its customers, securing all types of sensitive data – from payments to health records to personal information. By leveraging its relationship with AWS, VGS can broaden its security and compliance offerings to companies within the APN and around the world.

VGS builds on AWS’s shared responsibility model for security and compliance. While AWS secures the physical infrastructure that runs its services in the cloud, VGS extends protections to safeguard customers’ data wherever and however they need to use and exchange it. With VGS, customers like Brex, DoNotPay, and LendUp automatically inherit a robust security posture and can rapidly achieve compliances like PCI-DSS, SOC 2, GDPR and more.

“Data security and compliance are better left to the experts,” said Maurizio Caló Caligaris, the CTO and co-founder of Calii, a company automating the food supply chain in Latin America by connecting producers directly to households, restaurants and wholesalers. “Using VGS to handle our sensitive data has enabled us to focus our energy elsewhere and know that our customers’ data is fully protected. It’s given us peace of mind.”

“Some of the world’s leading companies rely on AWS for secure, flexible, and reliable cloud infrastructure,” said Mahmoud Abdelkader, CEO and co-founder of VGS. “In the same way that AWS removes the need to spend time and resources building data centers in-house, VGS removes the security and compliance burden from our customers. Both are logical building blocks for modern infrastructure.”

Achieving APN Select Technology Partner status underscores VGS’ continued commitment to AWS. Working with AWS extends VGS’ Zero Data mission and allows companies to reduce their exposure to sensitive data without compromising security or functionality.

About VGS

Very Good Security (VGS) is a leading data security company providing a developer-friendly platform to help businesses use sensitive data without the cost or liability of securing the data themselves. VGS provides specialized infrastructure to act as a custodian for sensitive data, improving security while also accelerating business growth. Founded in 2016 by Mahmoud Abdelkader and Marshall Jones, the company is headquartered in San Francisco, California. For more information, visit our website or @getVGS on Twitter.