Payment Optimization

Take Control of Your Payments

Optimize your payments with VGS Vault, a PCI-compliant, provider-agnostic payment platform for a modern payments ecosystem.

Avoid payment service provider lock-in. Take control of your payment flows across multiple cost-effective, reliable PSPs.

Streamline the checkout experience for your customers.

Increase your top line by lowering payment transaction failure rates with automated card lifecycle management

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Own your data

Own your data and use it for what you need

With VGS, you own and control your data - not your service provider. Use the data for product innovation, targeted & segmented marketing, reduce fraud, and more.

Payment Data Management
Avoid vendor lock-in, increase ROI

Avoid vendor lock-in, increase ROI

Minimize transaction costs by routing payments through VGS Vault to the best gateways based on your own routing logic. Switch or add routes to providers with the optimal rates, availability, and market reach.

Payment Orchestration
Universal Checkout Experience

Deliver a better checkout experience, maximize revenue

Offer a tailored checkout experience. Improve payment coverage and flexibility.

Universal Checkout Experience
Balance acceptance, cost, and fraud

Balance acceptance, cost, and fraud

Improve experiences with fewer false positive declines, higher service availability, and higher auth rates (up to 3%+).

Card Account Lifecycle Management

How it works

Payment Flows on VGS Vault

Take control of your payment flows with your own routing logic. Use VGS Vault to secure the routing of your payment card transactions across multiple payment processors based on your own routing rules.

  • Choose Best Price
  • Increase Approval for High Dollar Transaction
  • Accept High Risk Transaction
  • Accept International/Cross Border
  • Increase Approval for Low Dollar Transaction
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Product Spotlight

Universal Checkout

Deliver a streamlined checkout experience for your customers across your digital channels. Choose from either a customized universal checkout experience you will host or an easy pre-configured, hosted checkout service from VGS.

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Customize your checkout to match the look, tone, and feel of your brand.

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Simple Setup

Easily integrate with your app. Embed in your web or mobile apps. White label developer experience that your partners can then use.

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Use any payment provider. Integrate with 120+ gateways.

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Protect and manage your sensitive data.

Customized Forms

Design your own payment form using our form builder. It’s easy to customize the UI, so you can have a uniform experience across platforms and devices.

Select a payment method:

Apple Pay

Or pay with card

Card Details

Name on Card

Joe Business

Card Number

4111 1111 1111 1111

Visa icon

Expiration Date

01 / 22

Security Code


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Icon of a padlockPAY
const app = document.getElementById("app");
checkout.mount(app, {
theme: {
colors: {
ctaButtonBg: " #CC00FF ",
placeholder: "#a9a9a9",
input: "black",
label: "black",
border: "black",
shadows: {
inputBorder: "0 0 0 1px black",
inputBorderActive: "0 0 0 1px #ff9800
0px 0px 6px rgba(255, 125, 0, 0.4)",
submitActive: "0px 24px 12px -16px,
rgba(255, 125, 0)",


Unique Capabilities

Card Account Lifecycle Management

Card Account Lifecycle Management

Never worry about managing your customer card data anymore. VGS provides the most comprehensive card data management. Choose from issuer-supplied network tokens, PARs, PSP specific tokens and VGS Aliases for maximum portability. Our native account updater capability always keeps the newest customer card information on file. In the future, our proprietary adaptive updater feature will update cards that are not subscribed to any existing lifecycle management technology.

  • Most current card data
  • 3 levels of service
  • Highest level of fidelity
  • Eliminate redundancy across multiple PSPs
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Fraud, Experimentation, and Reporting

Fraud, Experimentation, and Reporting

Because you’re not locked into one PSP and you own all of your data, VGS allows you to experiment with balancing increasing payment acceptance with reducing costs incurred from fraud. You also get a single consistent location where you can report on transactions and use this information to achieve your desired outcome.

  • Balance acceptance and risk
  • Single location for transaction reporting
  • Leverage data for business outcomes
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“When we discuss pricing or contracts with our partners, it’s invaluable to have the flexibility VGS’s infrastructure provides in selecting which processors we use. VGS is one of the only platforms I know that can do this – and there isn't a stronger engineering or security team out there!”

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