An image with 4 bricks, two blue, and two yellow, with the VGS and AWS logos on the yellow bricks.

Your 'Yellow Brick Road' to Building a Trusted Fintech

Your fintech guide to navigating AWS and securing your sensitive data

For 11 years, AWS has been named the leader in Cloud Infrastructure & Platform Services — So it's no surprise you'd opt to build your fintech upon its cloud infrastructure. While AWS provides critical and trusted infrastructure, the second key piece of building and scaling trusted fintech is data security.

Data security, while critical, can require hefty costs and engineering resources; however, there may be alternatives for you. AWS looks to their partners to layer on best-of-breed solutions to specialize in Infrastructure as Code (IaC) which delivers compliance, but requires no infrastructure or architecture changes. VGS is proud to be an AWS Global Advanced Technology Partner and assists fintechs build atop AWS with areas including:

  • Data security for sensitive financial data, PII, and more
  • Compliance achievement
  • "Always on" risk management in the evolving security threat landscape

Chances are, much of this work (and subsequent risk) is presently falling on your development team; VGS is here to offload that work and liability, delivering reduced total cost of ownership and expedited GTM. VGS secures your data within AWS and simplifies your stack so your valuable resources can worry less about data liability and more about the last piece of the triangle, growing your differentiated fintech product.