Security & Compliance: A Competitive Differentiator for Fintechs

What you will learn during this webinar:

  • Fintech organizations require a high degree of trust from their users that share their PII, PCI data, etc.
  • Upholding that data privacy responsibility, and minimizing data breach risk, is made easier and more affordable with a Zero Data approach.
  • Zero Data also accelerates compliance certifications, like PCI and SOC 2, which both demonstrate to customers that a startup is dedicated to sensitive data protection.
  • Data aliasing enables fintech companies to collect, share, and interact with sensitive customer data without needing to access or see that data themselves – shrinking their compliance scope and data security risk

Join Senior Manager, Risk Assurance and Advisory Services Joanna Martucci from Armanino, LLP, HealthTech Startup Medallion’s Chief of Staff, Courtney Root and VGS Head of Product, Jonathan Cordeau for a discussion on all things SOC 2.