Everything Fintechs Need To Know About Card Issuance

As more fintech organizations launch payment cards, companies are facing the complex challenges involved in card issuance – and realizing how much more difficult it is to develop these payment card products on their own. Join us for this comprehensive webinar, where you’ll learn the basics of card issuing as well as how to solve the biggest challenges with the least amount of work, risk, and cost.

This webinar will provide a basic primer on PCI compliance and card issuance security, as well as sound advice on how to navigate cards for your fintech.

What you will learn during this webinar:

  • Why companies are launching card products
  • Challenges associated with card issuance (PCI compliance, EMV/chip cards, and more)
  • Security and compliance risks, including PCI for card issuance
  • Simplifying card issuance with BaaS (decentralized model vs centralized)
  • Lessons learned from other fintechs launching card products