Image of a card with a speedometer on top of it.

Grow Faster with Accelerated Card Issuance

Recent studies indicate the card industry is bracing for more than $400 billion in lost business over the next decade, in an effort to mitigate fraud; with 65% stemming from card issuers. Incidentally, that declined business is protecting against approximately $160 billion in fraudulent transactions over the same time period.

As a card issuer, authorizing a fraudulent user is far more dangerous than a single transaction at the register, so we understand the risk mitigation. We also understand the challenge this presents as you grow your business and look for an optimal customer experience. As you look to ensure cards are only issued to genuine applicants, protecting applicant data may also remain a challenge.

Join VGS and Neuro-ID to gain insights on how you can confidently issue cards to true customers in 50% less time. We will also walk you through:

You’ll walk away knowing:

  • The benefits of card issuance for loyalty and growth
  • How to issue cards 50% faster and for less than half the cost
  • How to issue to the right people while minimizing the risk of fraud and false declines
  • How to maximize the utility and value of your data

The card issuance game has changed – it’s time to leverage technology so you can focus your efforts on securing customer data and delivery credit where credit is due.