SOC 2 Compliance

SOC 2 Compliance

The fastest way to get SOC 2 compliant and secure your data

Only VGS Control combines the world’s most powerful SOC 2 compliance automation with a data security solution in a single, easy-to-use platform. With VGS Control, you’ll implement real security and build trust with a complete and accurate SOC 2 compliance report.

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SOC 2 audit in weeks

SOC 2 audits in weeks, not months

Speed up your SOC 2 audit readiness by as much as 70% with a prescriptive program, automated evidence collection, & more.

SOC 2 audit in weeks

Close more business

Turn your security posture into an asset, to build trust and win more business.

SOC 2 audit in weeks

Reduce costs and increase accuracy

Replace manual checklists and spreadsheets with VGS scalable compliance automation.

SOC 2 Alerts

How it works

VGS Control for SOC 2

Very Good Security is your true compliance partner—not a checklist. Only VGS provides a simple one-stop solution for centralized governance and automated enforcement of SOC 2 security controls; integrating your entire web stack and automatically enabling a single source of truth for all your compliance evidence.

  • Most Automated Evidence Collection
  • Best-in-Class Active Monitoring
  • Prescriptive Tasks
  • Dynamic Policy Builder & Library
  • Real-time Auditor Collaboration
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Kalpesh Kapadia

"VGS is smooth, easy-to-integrate, and saves us both the time and the cost of having to bring in 2 engineers for 6 months just for security—resources we have redirected toward application development."

More Capabilites

A One-stop Solution for Compliance Automation

Best-in-Class Active Security Monitoring

VGS Control monitors your environment and compliance status in real-time.

  • Track change in compliance status
  • Manage your teams’ audit progress
  • Monitor specific controls and integrations

Automated Evidence Collection

Automate and enforcement via one simple API.

  • Integration with AWS, Github, Slack, Google Workspace, Jamf, and Rippling
  • Secure sensitive data with VGS Vault integration
  • Evidence automatically attached to SOC 2 controls

Real-time Auditor Collaboration

Say goodbye to checklists, mass exports and email strings. Work with auditors in real-time, directly on the Control platform.

  • One-click evidence acceptance/rejection
  • Convenient in-app messaging
  • Real time evidence generation

Automated Vendor Management

Easily audit and assess the security posture of your partners. Save countless hours compiling responses and manually calculating risk scores.

  • Automatically send security questionnaires
  • Centralize responses and management
  • Quickly & easily assess vendor risk

Compliance & security that scales as you grow.

Simple & Transparent—Unparalleled automation, security and performance, all in a plan that’s right for you.



Essential guidance for organizations starting their compliance and security journey.

Key Features

  • Security Foundations Controls
  • Security Monitoring
  • Prescriptive Tasks
  • Baseline Policy Templates
  • 1 Cloud Account Integration
  • *Free Data Tokenization
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Essential tools for organizations that want to achieve compliance fast, and establish a baseline security program.

Foundations, Plus

  • SOC 2 Security Compliance Controls
  • Limited Policy Builder & Library
  • Auditor Review Access
  • 10 Vendor Questionnaires
  • 1 HR People Integration
  • 1 Business Integration
  • *Free Data Tokenization
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The best option for organizations who are looking to automate and streamline their compliance certification with real security.

Essentials, Plus

  • Availability + Confidentiality Controls
  • Automated Vendor, Risk & Asset Management
  • Dynamic Policy Builder & Library
  • Security Alerting and Notifications
  • Employee Compliance Management
  • Unlimited Vendor Questionnaires
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • *Free Data Tokenization
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  • Access to security configurations best practices
  • Chat support for questions or troubleshooting
  • Readiness Questionnaire and Remediation Plan
  • VGS docs advanced documentation library