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Obtaining Experian’s Independent 3rd Party Assessment

Gaining access to Experian’s credit reports, APIs, and other consumer data used in identity verification and credit checks requires completion of Experian’s Independent 3rd Party Assessment (EI3PA). To become compliant, companies must have their information security systems, policies, and procedures annually evaluated by an independent assessor to ensure the guidelines and requirements are met.

EI3PA Certificates

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Streamlined EI3PA Compliance

VGS has been audited by an independent EI3PA Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and achieved EI3PA compliance certification. By simply layering Very Good Security around your systems, you can quickly and efficiently achieve EI3PA compliance while minimizing development costs and security risks.

Compliance Solutions

Achieving EI3PA Compliance with VGS

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Activate your organization.

Integrate to VGS today and your organization can quickly achieve Experian’s certification, while removing your liability and compliance burden for consumer data security. VGS provides full audit support from our compliance and engineering teams throughout the compliance lifecycle.

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