Getting Started with VGS is Easier and More Personalized

March 9, 2021
Getting Started

Welcome to the new and improved VGS dashboard.

As part of our mission to constantly make sure our users have a simple and easy-to-navigate experience on our platform, we are thrilled to announce our new personalized user experience called Personalized Next Steps.

With Personalized Next Steps, we are enabling a more tailored experience to make your first steps with our platform easier and more efficient.

Not only does this updated experience allow you to quickly meet your business objectives, it empowers you to start your VGS journey with more knowledge and confidence in where you are heading.

What is Personalized Next Steps, exactly?

Personalized Next Steps 2x GIF

It’s a new section on your VGS Dashboard that guides you through your integration process, specifically geared toward what your business is using VGS to achieve.

While our existing VGS Introduction Guide is a great resource that makes onboarding a breeze, Personalized Next Steps takes it even further by providing tailor-made instructions that make it even simpler to integrate for your specific use case – offering a self-service approach to these use cases:

  • payment processing
  • payment optimization
  • card issuing

After you select your use case, you can track your progress with our progress bar showing you a percentage of completion.

We help guide you through your integration process by highlighting action points and additional documentation.

Plus, we’ve simplified the integration process by streamlining and personalizing our documentation portal with an experience that includes:

  • Code examples
  • Tooltips, link to visit on GitHub
  • Working code
  • Interactive code
  • Texts
  • Relevant content
  • User progress
  • Warning and notification bars
  • Visual content (demo videos, interactive playgrounds, screenshots, charts)

Log back into your dashboard to check it out today.

Ena Kadribasic Ena Kadribasic

Marketing Manager at VGS


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