Universal Checkout

Reimagine your customer checkout experience with improved data security and payment flexibility

Universal Checkout by VGS is a checkout experience that allows you to connect to your gateways, payment service providers (PSPs), and 3rd party APIs. This universal front door to your payments ecosystem provides you with a brandable, customizable, and consistent checkout user interface across all browsers and devices.

Create a secure, branded, abstracted checkout experience in less than an hour

  • Network Tokens from Visa and Mastercard
  • Account Updater services from Visa Account Updater and Mastercard Account Billing Updater
  • Proprietary logic
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Illustration of a shopping cart and packages coming out of a phone screen, and a credit card, padlock, ID, a shield, and eyes around it.

A Universal Front Door

VGS Universal Checkout scales as your application grows, making it easy for you to add deeper payment functionality while maintaining a consistent, branded customer experience.

Flexibility and Simplicity

  • Customize your own customer checkout experience with VGS Checkout.js and mobile SDKs or use a VGS-hosted drop-in solution to save development time and operational costs.
  • Reduce single-PSP dependency with a crafted universal front-end that integrates with over 120 PSPs, gateways, and 3rd party APIs under the hood (with more added every week)
  • Integrate seamlessly with VGS Vault and VGS Proxy as well as with the full VGS Payment Optimization suite including payment orchestration and credit card account lifecycle management.
An illustration of an online checkout process on one side of a barrier, and two buildings and padlocks on the other side.
Examples of credit card forms with the details entered in the form fields.

Your Business,
Your Checkout Page

Your payments ecosystem is uniquely yours – your checkout experience should be too. VGS Universal Checkout liberates businesses from single-payment-provider design and functionality limitations.

The VGS Universal Checkout hosted experience handles data validation, formatting, and responsive design.

Accept all major payment methods, including digital wallets, all within a 3DS & 3DS2 supported environment.

The First Step to Payment Optimization

Universal Checkout: The first stage of the VGS Payment Optimization product suite.