Payment Orchestration: Uncrossing Wires for Global Growth

April 7, 2022
How Payment Orchestration Uncrosses Wires for Global Business Growth

*This blog is part of an ongoing series of content around our recently released Definitive Guide to Payments Orchestration. If you are interested in what you hear today or other concepts in the series, make sure to pick it up!

There’s a local restaurant nearby called Bobby Byrne’s that has an inviting, Celtic vibe. Perfect place to shake off the nip of New England winter and get some comfort food. So it was with a bit of incredulity that I regarded my wife the first time we went there and she ordered the “fiesta salad” – of all the choice items on the menu! Her meal was a dud (because of course it was), but how sympathetic could I really be? She crossed the wires of restaurant style and menu choice and paid for it.

At VGS, we make payments as efficient and frictionless as possible by eliminating this kind of wire-crossing and making global payments feel as local as possible. We understand the frustration of crossing wires as payments from customers abroad turn into high fees and low-acceptance rates. Payments should be simple, like ordering a traditional meal from a favorite restaurant wherever you are coming from. What if all your customers got that experience from the comfort of their homes while you, the merchant, weren’t taxed with high transaction fees and false-positive declines from skittish acquirers unused to processing overseas payment credentials?

Enter VGS Payment Orchestration. From your customer’s standpoint, your branded checkout experience offers them their preferred payment method, displays figures in their currency, is easy to use, and instills trust that the transaction will go through - wherever they are buying from. The beauty is that VGS gives merchants that same customer experience on the back-end. Instead of juggling multiple direct-PSP integrations and dashboards for your international transactions, you only have to work through a single orchestration platform.

With VGS Payment Orchestration you can:

  • Scale rapidly to accept new payment methods
  • Secure local acquiring relationships (don’t be like my wife and cross your wires) so you direct transactions from a cardholder in a specific region to its local acquirers, and your acceptance rates go up
  • Lower processing costs (covered elsewhere in the guide) and avoid “international fees”
  • Aggregate disparate data streams for your global business across providers

Any one of these incremental benefits would be an impactful tool in the rapidly globalizing world of ecommerce. Together, we can globally agree that there is no better way to optimize payments for any ecommerce merchant in 2022.

Can you still call that “fiesta salad” from your favorite Irish restaurant a meal? Sure. Is it really the dinner experience you want to offer your customers? And do you want to pay more for a meal like that? Probably not.

Interested in seeing how VGS can set the table and the ambiance? Get in touch.

To learn more, download The Definitive Guide to Payment Orchestration

Product Marketing Manager Philip Andrew Sjogren

Senior Product Marketing Manager


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