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Enabling Mobile Payment Solutions with VGS

April 21, 2022
Enabling Mobile Payment Solutions with VGS

VGS enables customers to vault user-entered payment card data using VGS Collect and route processing to any payment processor/gateway of choice without adding any PCI scope. With the increased demand from our customers to support mobile payment methods, we are introducing the VGS Apple Pay solution. VGS and Apple Pay provides a merchant the ability to extract the data within the Apple Pay Token and route authorization transactions to a processor of choice while remaining out of PCI scope.

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay gives merchants the ability to easily and safely process payments in iOS devices, iPadOS, and watchOS apps, as well as via websites in the Safari browser. With Apple Pay, users can provide their payment, shipping, and contact information during the checkout process for a quick and secure transaction.

Why integrate Apple Pay with VGS?

Without VGS, a merchant has the choice of either using a specific PSP to support Apple Pay or DIY by manually decrypting the card information contained in an Apple Pay Token within their own systems. With the DIY approach, a merchant is responsible to manage the compliance controls with PCI-DSS standards. However, the time, cost, and effort required for a merchant to be in compliance with PCI-DSS can be prohibitively burdensome.

VGS’s Apple Pay integration provides an all-encompassing solution for decrypting and securely storing PCI-sensitive information. By leveraging VGS’s industry-best Zero Data approach to handle the Apple Pay Token decryption, a merchant can reinvest that time, money, and effort toward developing its core business.

How does it work?

When Apple Pay creates a token for a payment request, it creates a JSON payload with the sensitive payment data encrypted. In order to extract the encrypted data from the tokens, and to maximize your data utility while remaining out of PCI scope, VGS has created an integration that allows you to decrypt the payload from Apple Pay (the "Apple Pay Token"), and alias the PCI card data.

The encryption scheme around Apple Pay requires configuration, to include all of the keys and parameters required to decrypt the token. The diagram below depicts the data flow from a user's mobile device to VGS, where the decryption and card data aliasing occur.
Apple Pay VGS integration
When a payment request to a Payment Service Provider (PSP) is required, the request will be proxied by VGS (Forward Proxy), where the raw card data is revealed, and then forwarded to the PSP for processing.

The Apple Pay solution, along with the VGS Zero Data approach to information security, offer a unique value proposition to our customers. Integration is as simple as enabling this solution on the VGS Integration Dashboard and following the setup steps in this guide: How To Integrate Apple Pay with VGS.
How To Integrate Apple Pay with VGS.

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