Eliminate Credential Leaks

Eliminate Credential Leaks

Eliminate the risk of leaking passwords, environment variables, private keys or other credentials by storing your sensitive information in VGS vaults. Offload the burden and liability of managing your data with VGS because we constantly upgrade vault security, tune product performance, monitor for anomalies and pass audits by Fortune 500 companies.

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Rigorously Tested

VGS has built  many layers of security to pass constant audits by credit bureaus, financial institutions and other enterprise organizations, and is periodically scanned by security professionals.


Our highly reliable security infrastructure processes   millions of requests daily with an average   latency of 15 milliseconds or less.

Audit Logs

VGS has  robust, centralized logging  and that automatically allows you to track and report on data flowing into and out of your system.

Many Layers of Security

VGS layers security into your application and stores your sensitive data in continuously hardened vaults, monitoring for threats 24/7, performing constant penetration testing, running code analysis tools, and much more. Your VGS vaults have various layers of security like encryption, segregated encryption keys, role-based access controls and other security best practices.

Many Layers of Security

Built-in Access Controls

You can customize security rules in your VGS dashboard to control who gets access to what data. Each vault comes with built-in credentials, role-based access controls, URL whitelisting and many other features to help you control data access. VGS also enables you to quickly rotate credentials if necessary.

Built-in Access Controls

Service Provider Redundancy

Securely and easily store user credentials and reduce customer friction when you switch between multiple service providers. By vaulting user account credentials, you can easily connect to a bank account via the service that works best for you (e.g. Plaid, Quovo, Finicity, or a direct bank API). If a connection gets shut down or broken, you can easily switch to another route.

Service Provider Redundancy
How VGS works

How VGS works

When storing sensitive data on your systems, employees can accidentally or maliciously share customer data through logs, misconfigured permissions, emails or lost devices. VGS protects your data by replacing customer information or files with alias values. Mouse over the area below to see how we move you out of PII Scope.

Fields to redact
Fields to reveal

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Security Standards

We continually improve our security posture and grow our number of compliance certifications to withstand assessments from enterprise organizations like Visa and Experian.

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Why Use VGS?

See why companies in regulated industries (like Fintech, Healthcare and Insurtech) trust Very Good Security to protect credit cards, passwords and other sensitive data.

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